Safety Accident Prevention Measures 1. Site layout: (1) Setting up safety signs, equipping and erecting safety signs around the site of the project. (2) The layout of the construction site shall conform to the safety regulations of fire prevention, explosion protection, flood control, lightning protection and the requirements of civilized construction. The production, living and office buildings, warehouses, material storage yards, parking lots and production workshops shall be arranged according to the approved general layout. (3) On-site roads should be smooth, firm and unblocked; when there are rivers, drains and deep pits on one or both sides of the road, safety facilities should be provided to prevent pedestrians and vehicles from falling. (4) Sufficient fire water sources and fire facilities should be set up in the production and living areas of the site. Fire equipment should be managed by special personnel and not be disturbed. All construction personnel should be familiar with and master the performance and use methods of fire fighting equipment. (5) Fire Safety distances of all kinds of houses, warehouses, material yards, etc. shall conform to the regulations of the state or public security departments, and no inflammable articles shall be stacked outdoors or outdoors; smoking shall be strictly prohibited in woodworking workshops, warehouses, oil depots and other places; inflammable sundries on the site shall be removed at any time, and stacking in or near places where there are fires shall be strictly prohibited. (6) Oxygen cylinders should not be contaminated with grease. Acetylene generators must have safety devices to prevent tempering. Oxygen cylinders and acetylene generators should be stored in isolation. 2. Temporary Electricity Safety Control Measures in Construction Site: (1) Installation, maintenance and demolition of temporary power supply projects are completed by electricians trained and certified to work. Non-electricians are not allowed to work in electricity industry. (2) The cable line adopts the three-phase and five-wire connection mode. The electrical equipment and the electric line must be well insulated. The suspension height and line spacing of the electric line erected in the field should conform to the safety regulations and be mounted on the special pole.Do a good job of electrical and mechanical equipment Zero connection, site and construction site electrical connection by electricians, and configuration of standard distribution boxes.Ensure the safe use of electricity and prevent human and aircraft injuries. (3) Transformers must be equipped with grounding protection devices, whose grounding resistance shall not be greater than 4Q transformers with guardrails, doors and locks, and special persons shall be responsible for them. Alarm signs of "high voltage danger, do not approach" shall be hung near them. (4) Insulation pads should be installed before indoor distribution panels and cabinets, and leakage protection devices should be installed. (5) All kinds of electrical switches and metal enclosures of equipment shall be protected by grounding or zero connection. (6) Distribution boxes should be fire-proof and rainproof. No sundries should be stored in the boxes, and doors should be locked and managed by special persons. (7) Rubber-sheathed cables shall be used for power supply lines of mobile electrical equipment. When crossing the lane, pipes shall be pierced and laid underground, and damaged cables shall not be used. (8) When overhauling electrical equipment, power shall be cut off. The power box or switch handle shall be hung with a warning card "Man operates, no closing" or be supervised by a special person.When live work is necessary, it should be approved by the relevant departments. (9) Electric power lines erected on site shall not use bare conductors, temporarily laid lines, or be hung on scaffolding of steel formwork, and insulating supports shall be installed. (10) The safe voltage of 36V shall be used for handheld lighting in construction site, and 12V shall be used for lighting in excavation of damp foundation pit.During night construction, the distribution devices on the construction site must comply with relevant regulations, ensure adequate lighting, and prevent accidents such as falls, smashes and electric shocks. (11) It is strictly forbidden for individuals to pull or connect ill

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