Questionnaire Provide input on the ASB’s future work About the ASB’s process The ASB’s standard-setting activities are based on a 3-year work programme. The ASB is currently executing its work programme for 2021 to 2023. The ASB commenced its consultation on the next work programme which covers the period 2024 to 2026. ED 194 on “Taking Stock: ASB’s Work Programme 2024-2026” outlines the key strategic theme and proposed projects to be undertaken by the ASB. Access ED 194 here. To ensure that the work of the ASB is credible and relevant, feedback is needed on these proposals from all stakeholders that have an interest in the ASB’s work. The feedback received from stakeholders will be considered by the Board in finalising the work programme. The deadline to receive comment is 18 March 2022, and the Board will finalise the work programme in June 2022. Providing input on ED 194 ED 194 explains the key issues and questions on which the ASB would like feedback. So, how can you get involved? Participate in roundtable discussions The Secretariat of the ASB will be hosting a series of roundtable discussions on ED 194 in 2022. The details will be made available on our website. You are welcome to participate in these discussions and provide your inputs. The feedback received is documented and included along with written and other comments received and considered by the Board in finalising the work programme. Send the ASB a comment letter If you have any specific responses or views you would like to share with the ASB, you can do so in writing to Written responses need not deal with all the issues in ED 194 – any input, whether general or specific, is welcome. Complete this questionnaire To simplify the comment process, the Secretariat of the ASB has prepared this questionnaire which outlines the questions in ED 194 and includes other issues of relevance. You can complete this questionnaire and send it to The responses to the questionnaire will be summarised and shared with the Board. Part A – Information about stakeholder submitting the response Please complete the information below. If you are responding in your personal capacity, you can leave the name of your employer blank. The information received from the questionnaires will be provided to the Board for its review, but the responses will be kept anonymous. Name of person completing the questionnaire Name of employer (please leave blank if this is a personal response) E-mail address Type of stakeholder (for example, preparer, auditor, user of the financial statements) Part B – Questions on the ASB’s proposed work programme for 2024-2026 Question B1 ASB’s strategic theme for 2024-2026 The financial reporting landscape is changing at an ever-growing pace. As much as we need to adapt and look to the future, we need to take time to assess where we are, what we aim to achieve, and how we can do things better. The theme for our next work programme is “Taking stock”. This means taking on projects that enhance our existing Standards and improve their implementation, facilitates policy development, and enhances information available to government decision-makers. (a) Do you agree with this theme? (b) If no, what do you think the ASB’s focus should be? For example, focus on developing new pronouncements to deal with issues, spend more time aligning with international Standards like IPSAS, etc.? Response B1 [Please add your response] Question B2 Gaps in the ASB’s literature While we have issued a comprehensive suite of Standards of GRAP that deal with substantially all public sector transactions, some gaps remain. The two most significant gaps are the development of guidance on “social benefits” which are provided to individuals or households in cash or in-kind, and “transfer expenses” which are transfers between government entities or entities outside government. We have started work on social benefits in our current work programme. Given the complexity of the project it will continue into the 2024 to 2026 work programme. The IPSASB is still developing guidance on transfer expenses, and the ASB intends to base any Standard of GRAP on their guidance. The ASB proposes continuing work on social benefits and commencing work on transfer expenses. Do you agree with this proposal? Response B2 [Please add your response] Question B3 Gaps in the ASB’s literature As the application of the Standards of GRAP matures, there are always new transacti

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