FM149 Back from left: Jim Carr, ??????????, Conor Caldwell, Frankie Mc Mullin, Peter Thomas, John Mc Hugh, Rory Barry, Patsy Higgins, Francie Monaghan, Sean Mc Mullin, Sean Thomas, Seamus Kilfeather Front from left: Donal Monaghan, Jimmy Brogan, Johnny Maguire, Peter Carr, Charlie Quinn, Frankie Gallagher, Tommy Caldwell, Denis Murnane, Paddy Woods, ?????????? FM150 Back from left: Gabriel O’ Donnell, Stephen Kelly, Jim Mc Mullin, Gerard Nangle, Martin Brennan Front from left: Paddy Muldoon, Declan Mc Gettigan, Gerry Gorrell, Joe Thomas, Patrick Faulkner FM151 Back from left: Colm O’ Rourke, Eamonn Gorrell, Seamus Meehan, Dermot Gallagher, Cornelius Dunnion, Michael Kelly Front from left: Peadar Joyce, Malachy Faulkner, Maurice Mc Mullin, Vincent Granaghan FM153 Back from left: Gerald Mc Cauley, Clement Gallagher, Austin Coughlan, Stephen Mc Cormack, Seamus Bonner, Michael Gallagher, Eamonn Gibbons, Eddie Gallagher, Brendan Martin, Paul Duncan, Tom Conaghan, Eugene Fox, Hughie Travers, P.J. Flood, Michael Cooney, Walter Espey Front from left: Paddy Woods, Martin Keeney, Hugh Cassidy, Tommy Caldwell, Francis Monaghan, Donal Monaghan, Paddy Brogan, Donal Britton, George Mc Inaw, P.J. Mc Garrigle, Brendan Needham, John Barry FM154 Back From left: Manus Brennan, Pat Heeney, Peter Sweeney, Seamus Bonner, Pat Hughes, Frankie Mc Mullin, Paul Duncan, John Williamson, Brendan Martin, Eugene Fox Front from left: Charlie Mc Cafferty, Tommy Caldwell, Hughie Travers, Paddy Woods, Donal Monaghan, Eamon Mullin, Francie Monaghan, Eamon Gorman, Sean Hughes FM155 Back form left: Donal Monaghan, Pat Hughes, Brendan Martin, Peter Sweeney, Enda Mullin, Hughie Travers, Stephen Mc Cormack, P.J. Flood, Frankie Mc Mullin Front from left: Paddy Woods, Brendan Needham, Donal Britton, Frank Ward, P.J. Dooley, Martin Keeney, Tommy Caldwell, Francie Monaghan, Eamonn Gorrell FM159 Back from left: Michael Cooney, Eugene Fox, Seamus Bonner, Tommy Caldwell, Luke Nangle, Donal Monaghan, Eddie Gallagher, Hughie Travers, Sean Bonner, Hugo Mc Glynn, Gerald Mc Cauley, Michael Boyle Front from left: Brendan Needham, Paul Duncan, Jackie Carron, Kevin Mc Donald, Joe Harte, Paddy Brogan, John Barry, Clement Coughlan, Cathal Mc Monagle FM160 John Joe Mulhern presenting Cup to Captain of Four Masters G.A.A. Club Coventry FM161 Michael Cooney making a presentation to Patsy Meehan Four Masters G.A.A. Club Coventry FM162 From left: John Murphy, John Joe Walls, Charlie Timoney, James Mc Allister, Eamon Timoney FM163 From left: Johnny Murphy, Seamus Hegarty, Eamon Mc Hugh, Brendan Kilpatrick, Frankie Bonner, Liam Mc Cauley, Anthony Mc Cauley FM164 From left: Jim Carr, Barney Harvey, Sean Griffin FM165 From left: Michael Williamson, Gentleman from Four Masters Coventry Unknown, Patsy Meehan, Gerald Mc Cauley, Philip Timoney FM166 Back from left: Martin Gillen, Frank Harkin, Jack Mc Groarty, Eamon Gorman, Peadar Thomas, Gerald Mc Cauley Front from left: Michael Cooney, Brendan O’ Neill, Pat Heeney, John Melly, Jimmy Melly FM167 Mary Mc Cauley, Tommy Caldwell FM168 Back from left: Tommy Caldwell, Stephen Mc Cormack, Hughie Travers, John Barry, Seamus Bonner, Donal Monaghan, Austin Coughlan, Eugene Fox, Eddie Gallagher, P.J. Flood Front from left: Martin Keeney, Eamon Mullin, George Mc Inaw, Paddy Brogan, Paddy Woods, P.J. Mc Garrigle, Donal Britton, Francie Monaghan, Brendan Martin, Brendan Needham FM169 America early 70’s Standing from left: ?, Mickey Ward, ?, Sean Griffin, Colm Gallagher, Vinnie Begley, Luke Nangle, Tommy Caldwell, John Meehan, Clement Coughlan, Eileen Meehan, Cathal Mc Monagle, Mary MeehanTimoney Front from left: ? , Brendan Needham, David Mc Gonigle, Jackie Carron FM170 Four Masters in Philadelphia From left: Cathal Mc Monagle, Paddy Brogan, Charlie Murray, Sean Bonner FM171 Four Masters in Washington 1972 From left: Hughie Travers, Joe Harte, David Mc Gonigle, Michael Kelly, Frank Mullin, Clement Coughlan FM172 Four Green Fields, Ellenville, New York Back from Left: John Melly, Frank Harkin, Jimmy Melly, Charlie Timoney, Mike Meehan, Pat Heeney, Michael Cooney, Sean Timoney, Aodh O’ Donnell Middle from left: Damien Meehan Gerald Timoney, Kitty Meehan Front from left: Brendan O’ Neill, Jack Mc Groarty, Michael Mc Anaw, Seamus Martin FM173 1973 Function Standing from left: Cathal Mc Monagle, Seamus Campbell, Hughie Meehan, Michael Cooney, Jackie Carron, Michael Boyle, Gerald Mc Cauley, Tommy Caldwell, Eddie Gallagher, Philip Timoney, Clement C

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