1 INTERIM PROGRESS REPORT FOR NCAP AUTHORIZATION The National Camp Accreditation Program (NCAP) is designed to help a council analyze all aspects of its camping program. This analysis of staffing, program, facilities, and sustainability enables a council to assess its status in each of these areas in order to determine goals with measurable outcomes for the continuous improvement of its camping program. As part of the five-year National Camp Accreditation Program process, each council is required to complete an Interim Progress Report during the third year of authorization. This review allows each council and the area to review progress in the areas of staffing, program, facilities and sustainability. This Interim Progress Report allows each council to describe its progress to date and is considered to be a requirement to be compliant with standard AO-808 BSA Reporting during the 2021 camp assessment. Attached you will find a cover sheet and two forms. Roman numeral I will be used to provide a council wide overview and update. Roman numeral II is to be completed for each program (Cub Scout resident, Boy Scout resident, Trek, COPE, etc.). A separate form should be competed for each camp listed in your Application for Authorization. The completed report must be signed by the identified council representatives. The Interim Progress Report is due on or before: April 1, 2022 Submit the Interim Progress Report to: NCAP@Scouting.org The submitted report will be sent to the council’s Territory Director, Territory President and Territory Vice President of Program. If you have questions about the form or the process, please contact: Brian Gray NCAP Staff Advisor 972-580-2288 Brian.Gray@scouting.org This outline is formatted as a Word document so that information can be typed directly into the template. Sections with gold backgrounds are for guidance only and may be removed as the council prepares its report. It is suggested that the signed final report be sent in pdf format. 2 NCAP AUTHORIZATION INTERIM PROGRESS REPORT: Council, #_______ City__________________________ , State____ This NCAP Interim Progress Report is prepared by the ________________________________________ Council, which has been authorized to operate BSA camps for the 5-year period from 2020 to 2024. Date of Interim Progress Report: ____________________ CAMP PROPERTY CAMP PROGRAM[S] [List all camp programs requiring area assessment, such as Cub Resident, COPE, Trek, etc.] SIGNATURES AND CONTACT INFORMATION FOR COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES SIGNATURE Council President TYPED NAME AND CONTACT INFORMATION _______________________________ _________________________________________ Council Commissioner _______________________________ _________________________________________ Scout Executive _______________________________ ________________________________________ Council NCAP Chair _______________________________ ________________________________________ Source for council and camp information: https://____________________________________________ The next few pages of this document present a council-wide overview and update of camp data, changes, and camp improvements since the council’s initial application for NCAP authorization. If your council operates multiple camps, the overview should be followed by a camp-by-camp update. If your council operates only one camp, sections one and two may be combined. Submit to: National Council File at National Council, Boy Scouts of America, 1325 West Walnut Hill Lane, Irving, Texas 75038 or ncap@scouting.org – 972-580-2288. 3 I. COUNCIL-WIDE OVERVIEW & UPDATE for the years 2019, 2020, and 2021 PROGRAM Please provide a brief narrative describing your council’s overall camp program. Please include the following: • Description of continuous camping improvement of your Council • Highlights of program offerings The focus of your council camping program narrative should be on the comprehensive program and staffing commitments made as part of the NCAP Application for Authorization, specifically: • Progress in program improvement initiatives FACILITIES Please provide a brief narrative describing your council’s overall camp infrastructure, including the following: • Description of the properties, such as size, location, and notable circumstances • Updates on the council analysis of facilities (based on the Camp Facilities Evaluation Tool) The focus of your council facilities narrative should be on the comprehensive commi

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