MOR REPORT 4904 Waters Edge Dr., Suite 295, Raleigh, 27606 919-851-3000 October 27th, 2021 VOL. 22. ISSUE 10 MOR Contact Info: MOR Financial MOR @ Riverwood MOR @ Ravenscroft MOR @ Ravenscroft MOR @ Ravenscroft MOR @ Ravenscroft [email protected] MOR @Silverton MOR @Silverton [email protected] Raleigh [email protected] MOR Head Coach MOR @ Raleigh Keri Cleary John Fischetti Cara Cameron Ian Hilbrant Billy Thorne Kevin Donnelly Mike Laubacher Austin Goldstein Lindsay Takkunen Jonathan Watson Darryl Buda Paul Silver Alexis Marshall [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] “DEVELOPING CHAMPION ATHLETES AND CITIZENS THROUGH COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE IN SWIMMING” MOR EARNS SILVER MEDAL IN USA SWIMMING CLUB EXCELLENCE PROGRAM MOR Senior swimmers earned Silver Medal status in the USA Swimming Club Excellence Program based on results of this past summer’s Long Course season. This is a tremendous accomplishment for MOR this year and MOR will receive a grant for preparation for National performances. Our Club Excellence points in 2026 will be fueled by the 11-12’s we have on our team now so begin working on your technique and setting goals for practice that will help you move up the ladder. MOR SWIMMERS EXCEL AT KICKOFF MEET! 418 Marlin swimmers represented MOR in events at the MOR Kickoff meet this past weekend in the Pullen Aquatic Center in Raleigh. MOR swimmers with event winning performances: Hudson DeGroote, Wilson Tuttle, Lucas Wilson, Mason Hetzell, Briant Sanspree, Zach Lagstrom, Lucas Karam, Ethan Leonhardt, Ryan Rimmele, Ben Obrien, Nicholas Auerbach, Elijah Hammons, Jacob Levesque, Ben Wilgus, Thomas Kuppinen, Devin Locklear, Grayson Zola, Jordan Matz, Aaron Ng, Timothy Spivey, Amanda Ulicny, Caroline Kozubowski, Frances Dowling, Alexis Johnson, Norah Eaves, Ada Mittendorf, Kassidy Edwards, Ashlyn Minehart, Anne Zeszotarski, Alexis Hopkins, Anya Muminovic, Frankie DiGiovanni, Liz Reed, and Savannah Coll. Others scoring in the top 3: Douglas Walker, David Quaresma, Owen VonWeihe, Christian Lee, John Simons, Cooper Kiewra, Curtis Andre, McCauley Sural, Cole Nelson, Vachian Saivachan, Ismael Gelabert, Joshua Waldon, Matthew Boyce, Calvin Wheeler, Joshua Moore, Christian Smith, Lincoln Reffett, Mason Waechter, Palmer Schumann, Logan McKay, Quinton O’Connor, Shiva Koppol, Brett Umnus, Ismael Gelabert, Andrew Cook, Nina Nugent, MaKayla Ciancanelli, Madison Schmitz, Teagan Armour, Reagan Carr, Courtney McCoy, Charlee Sexsmith, Avery Suter, Mia Lang, Kaitlyn King, Olivia King, Holly Curtis, Victoria Buffum, Layne Neudecker, Stefanie Burgess, Ashley Hughes, Natalie Cooper, Rose Sciaudone, Isabelle Callaghan, Harper Turner, Londyn Kiefer, Elizabeth Simons, Matilda Gladman, Sydney Bowser, Janiya Hooks, and Kaya Kaidel. Congratulations to all swimmers! The next meets up for most MOR swimmers are the MOR Atlantic meet and the Yota Turkey meet. Look for those signups at Thank you to all those that came out to support MOR and volunteered for the Kick Off meet this past weekend. Kick Off was the first meet of the season and the first meet for NEW Marlins! Special thanks to Pam Rocque and Mr. Brown for their computer work as well as our Meet Referee, Tammy Schmidt. Thank you to Bob Smith, Evia Nelson and Mr. Schmitz for working all the sessions of the meet as officials- we literally couldn't do it without you. Thanks to the all the other officials that came out to help this weekend: Mr. Schmidt, Mrs. Cooper, Mrs. Cline, Mrs. Olson, Mrs. Hanley, Mr. Whitaker, Mr. Burge, Mr. Reffett, Mrs. Spruill, Mrs. Hurley, Mr. Wisz, Mrs. Locklear and Mrs. Hughes. Thank you to all the marshals, timers, runners, duck giver outers, kid pushers and hospitality help. You are all appreciated! The winners of the $50 raffles towards your dues are: Allen, BettsKitchen, Ulicny, Nugent and Lamson. Thank you! 2021 MOR POINSETTIA SALE The Marlins of Raleigh is hosting our annual Poinsettia sale fundraiser again! This fundraiser will go towards your MOR Families dues. This year we will be offering red, pink and white poinsettias, we will be offering Red Glitter poinsettia. All other colors are available in 6.5”, 8” and 10” pots. Prices are $11 for 6.5” pots, $

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