Hardin County Board of Education May 20, 2021 6:00 PM Regular Evening Meeting 65 W.A. Jenkins Rd, Elizabethtown, KY 42701 I. Call to Order Chairperson Dawn Johnson called the meeting to order. The following members were present: Dawn Johnson, Charlie Wise, Ben Sego, Steve Bland, and Mark Casey. Mr. Charlie Wise addressed the attendees stating he had an accident and broke his leg. Because of this, he did not feel he had the energy to chair the meeting and asked Ms. Dawn Johnson to fill the role. Chairperson Dawn Johnson asked for a moment of silence for Ms. Marion Helm, a bus monitor, who has passed away. II. Pledge of Allegiance Mr. Braydon Scott, a John Hardin High School freshman and member of the Boy Scouts, led the Pledge of Allegiance. III. Board Commitments IV. Recognitions Order #10902 - Motion Passed: Approval of the recognition recognizing students, staff, and community members passed with a motion by Mr. Ben Sego and a second by Mr. Charlie Wise. Mr. Steve Bland Yes Mr. Mark Casey Yes Ms. Dawn Logsdon Johnson Yes Mr. Ben Sego Yes Mr. Charlie Wise Yes IV.A. #HCSStrongerTogether Resolution of Recognition #HCSStrongerTogether Award WHEREAS, the function of a Board of Education is to strive for excellence in all phases of educational programs, and; WHEREAS, the Hardin County Board of Education deems it fitting and proper that significant awards and honors be recognized by the Board, and; WHEREAS, the Hardin County Board of Education believes in work ethic and the ability of students, staff, and community members dedicating themselves totally to the education of our next generation of leaders, and; WHEREAS, the district’s theme for the 2020-21 school year is #HCSStrongerTogether and the Hardin County Board of Education believes in these characteristics so greatly that it will recognize HCS students & staff and Hardin County community members at its regularly scheduled meeting each month during the school year with the #HCSStrongerTogether Award; BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED THAT the Hardin County Board of Education, in a regular meeting on May 20, 2021, does hereby recognize the following for earning the #HCSStrongerTogether Award for May 2021:  Madison Bays, Mariah Collins, Yalizza Cruz, Joshua Griffin, Bryan Jaggers, Remyiah McFadden, MaKayla Menear, Jordan Moore, MacKenzie Myers, Jasmine Parker, Jalen Sharps, Brianna Simpson, Patricia Walker, and MacKenzie West are all North Hardin High School seniors who serve as peer tutors for school’s special needs students in low incidence classrooms. They each work hard to ensure that students who may have a hard time grasping concepts walk away from class with a deeper knowledge of the subject pattern and a deeper understanding. Educators love having these peer tutors in the room because they can connect with students in ways their peers are possible more likely to understand. They have done a tremendous job this year, especially with the obstacles brought on by the pandemic.  Kyle Lucas, Hardin County Schools Energy Manager, has brought lots of excitement and energy cost savings to Hardin County School. Under his leadership, five schools have earned “Energy Star Certification” status from Harshaw Trane. Energy Star schools are buildings that have cut energy usage by no less than 35% as compared to other similar facilities. The consumption of less energy means more dollars are returned to the district, there is an increase in savings from operations and maintenance costs, there is a reduced reliability risk and there are lower emissions. The HCS Early College and Career Center and North Park Elementary School earned the “Reducing the Energy Intensity of the World Award” from Trane. This award is earned by facilities that have made outstanding contributions to protecting the environment through superior energy efficiency achievements. Kyle does not take all of the credit himself. He says, “the Green Team students at our schools work hard to ensure the best energy practices. They travel from classroom to classroom monitoring various uses of energy and suggest changes to conserve it. Our staff is also a wonderful steward of our resources. They are very conscientious about turning off computers, lights, and various other equipment when they are not in use.  Robby Richardson is a Hardin County Schools volunteer and is a member of the HCS Kindness and Respect for Everyone (KARE) committee. Her work to ensure equality for students and staff of every color, race, creed

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