HRM Online – Issue 9-21, 14 September 2021 Temporary transfer of an ongoing employee Schools are reminded that there are policy requirements where the appointment to an advertised vacancy results in a temporary transfer of an ongoing employee from another school. Relevant policy is provided for in the Recruitment in Schools guide, and advises the following: For vacancies of 12 months or less, the actual commencement date will need to be negotiated between the respective principals and the successful applicant. The release date should be negotiated to reflect the needs of both schools and the employee and release should not be unreasonably refused. This Issue contains … Temporary Transfer of an ongoing employee COVID-19 FAQ Updates ESC Leave – T3 vacation ESC Return date 2022 Please ensure that the release of the employee has been agreed with the base school principal prior to confirming a transfer with the employee or taking any action in eduPay. ROL Hints & Tips Additionally, the following temporary transfer policy applies regarding applications for positions below an employee’s substantive classification: VIT Registration for 2022 school year If the fixed term position is at a lower level, there is no capacity to temporarily reduce an employee’s substantive level. Temporary transfer to a lower-level position can only occur where the employee consents to reduce their substantive level to the level of the fixed term position. In this case the employee will resume at the base school at the lower substantive level. In circumstances where a temporary transfer would result in a permanent reduction of the employee’s substantive classification, no action should be taken to confirm that transfer unless the employee has provided consent for the permanent reduction to the lower-level classification. SLP Hints & Tips Updating Casual Employees eduPay Hints & Tips Self Service recording of superannuation Where schools are unsure about the policy or required actions regarding temporary transfers, they are encouraged to contact the Schools Recruitment Unit on 1800 641 943 or for advice. HRWeb Updates Update to the COVID-19 HR FAQs eduPay My Way The COVID-19 HR FAQs are updated regularly to reflect changes occurring in Victoria related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Schools should continue referring to the FAQs for advice regarding HR and staffing matters related to the COVID-19 pandemic. September update – newly released functionality and what’s next… The HR FAQs can be accessed on HRWeb: COVID-19 Human Resources Any queries regarding information in the FAQs should be directed to the Policy and Employee Relations Branch on 7022 0011 or by email to: Education Support Class employees-leave and attendance-Term 3 school vacation The automated leave entry process for the Term 3 school vacation for education support class (ESC) employees not in receipt of the fortnightly Regular Leave Purchase Allowance has been run and is available for review on eduPay now. Where leave could not be entered for an employee, for example, where an employee has paid maternity leave for part or all of the school vacation period already recorded, an exception report will be generated and sent by email to the affected school(s) following the weekend’s processing. Access the exception report using the link in the email or by using Report Manager. The report will remain available for 28 days. If required, save a copy of the report to your computer. Applying for Leave An ESC employee who is receiving the fortnightly Regular Leave Purchase Allowance who wishes to take leave during the forthcoming school vacation period will need to apply for Annual Leave or Additional Paid Leave (if eligible) using Employee Self Service (ESS) to cover their absence. Leave is approved by the principal. These employees are not entitled to the Ad-hoc Leave Purchase Allowance. Attendance for duty An ESC employee who is not in receipt of the fortnightly Regular Leave Purchase Allowance and who agrees or is required to attend during the school vacation period on a day that would otherwise be a day of additional paid leave is entitled to the Ad-Hoc Leave Find what you want quickly by using the A-Z Topic Index on HRWeb Send feedback to Purchase Allowance. Where the employee attends for duty, the HR Administrator will need to adjust any leave already recorded to ref

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