Project Description: Zinc oxide is a famous white pigment, commonly known as zinc white.It has the advantage of encounteringH2SGas does not darken, becauseZnSIt's also white.When heated,ZnOFrom white and light yellow to lemon yellow gradually, when cooled, the Yellow fades away. Using this characteristic, it is mixed with paint or added to thermometer to make a discolored paint or thermometer.becauseZnOIt has astringency and certain bactericidal ability. It is often used as ointment in medicine.ZnOIt can also be used as a catalyst. Zinc oxide high temperature rotary calcining kiln, zinc oxide rotary calcining kiln, zinc oxide rotary calcining drum real shoot: Non standard design customized flash, belt, spray, disc, fluidized bed, paddle, rotary kiln, calcining, air flow, boiling, vacuum, oven and other mixing granulating equipment, good reputation, superior quality, perfect service!The company promises that if the equipment is debugged by the manufacturer, it will still not work properly. The company will refund the full amount of money and return the goods to ensure that customers purchase zero risk.1 detail 3 detail 6 consultation 1 consultation 6 links 1 Department 1 Party 2 style 9 Gu 8 first born! The working principles of high temperature rotary calcining kiln, zinc oxide rotary calcining kiln and zinc oxide rotary calcining drum are as follows: The material to be calcined is evenly added into the kiln body through the feeding mechanism. The driving device drives the rotary motion of the drum with inclined angle. The powder or fine granular loose material is rotated spirally in the drum. The drum body is equipped with a sheet to turn over the material, which makes the material roll and flow continuously, and is heated uniformly and calcined sufficiently.The material moves continuously, and the calcination process of the product is completed through the furnace body. Zinc oxide high temperature rotary calcining kiln, zinc oxide rotary calcining kiln, zinc oxide rotary calcining drum heating mode: 1.Direct heating mode: that is, high temperature gas (can be direct-fired flue gas or clean air after heat transfer) is input into the kiln, and calcined by fully mixing and contacting the gas and material. 2.Indirect heating mode: There is a calcination chamber on the outside of the cylinder. The heat generated by calcination is transferred to the material through the cylinder. The material is dried, decomposed, calcined and roasted at high temperature.(The central heating pipe can also be set up to heat the inner and outer wall of rotary kiln and transmit heat to the material in the kiln for calcination.) The calcining rotary kiln is mainly composed of six parts: combustion system, control system, simplified body, kiln body, driving device, feeding and unloading system.All the components are mounted on the integral frame made of steel structure. The combustion system is mainly composed of burners, control valves, electric actuators, atomization combustion aids and ignition devices. The cylinder body has sprockets or gears, and the two ends are supported by supporting wheels. The sprockets or gears are connected by a speed regulating motor through a reducer.Simplified materials can be selected according to the process requirements, and built-in board.The kiln body is situated on the steel frame and is made of high quality refractory and light heat preservation material.The zirconium-containing ceramic cotton blanket is sealed to reduce heat dissipation.The labyrinth seal is composed of refractory material and the fire ring of the cylinder. The drive device can be driven by chain drive, gear drive or supporting wheel drive. The reducer has two axles, and a manual device can be added according to the need, so as to shake the cylinder body to protect it from damage in emergency.The feeding and unloading system is mainly composed of feeding hopper, feeding screw, mixing device and feeding cover. High temperature rotary calcining kiln for zinc oxide, rotary calcining kiln for zinc oxide and rotary calcining drum for zinc oxide. 1It can flexibly adjust and control combustion temperature, combustion atmosphere and combustion time to better adapt to process requirements. 2Special cylinder material is used at high temperature, and the maximum temperature can reach 1150 oC. 3The inclination angle of the kiln body and the rotational speed of the cylinder body can be adjusted conveniently and flexibly. 4Fully au

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