Risk Prevention and Control System and Measures In order to ensure the quality of project cost consultation, our company has formulated and formulated internal management systems such as "Business Quality Control System", "Pre-trial Reporting System", "Audit and Verification Method of Construction Project Pre-closing Accounts", "Employee Professional Ethics Standard" and "Employee Personal Risk Fund System".Detailed regulations have been made on the prevention of audit risks, the integrity of auditors and the guarantee of audit quality. At the same time, a mechanism has been established to regularly study, communicate and publicize the risk prevention of engineering cost consultation. The main points of risk prevention and quality control measures in the above-mentioned management system are summarized as follows: An Assessment of Audit Risks In our opinion, audit risk refers to the possibility that there are significant errors or omissions in the relevant information submitted for examination of the project, and that the auditors fail to find out after the audit and issue inappropriate audit opinions.Audit risk includes inherent risk, control risk and inspection risk. Inherent risk refers to the possibility of material misstatement or omission of a matter in the absence of relevant internal control system. Controlling risk refers to the possibility that a matter has been misstated or missed and can not be prevented, discovered or corrected by internal control. Inspection risk refers to the fact that there is a material misstatement or omission in a matter, but the auditor has not found the possibility of discovering it after carrying out the necessary audit. Therefore, in the audit work, we require auditors to maintain their due professional prudence, use professional judgment reasonably, assess audit risks, and formulate and implement appropriate audit procedures in order to reduce audit risks to an acceptable level. Based on the above understanding, combined with our years of audit experience, we will take the following audit risk prevention measures: 1After accepting the audit task, the project team should fully investigate and analyze the integrity, validity, reliability of the collected data and the formation process of the data, and understand and confirm it to the parties of the relevant units such as the builder, the supervisor and the builder, and make correct judgments. At the same time, the project team should implement the concept of "multi-communication and multi-understanding". 2After the above understanding and the preliminary evaluation of inherent risk and control risk, the inspection risk level is determined according to the audit risk model.In the case of high inherent risk and control risk, we must reduce the inspection risk, that is to say, we must increase the amount of audit work and obtain more audit basis in order to express audit opinions. 2. Strengthen the management of Auditors 1According to the scale and specific conditions of the entrusted projects, plans should be made to allocate full-time personnel with corresponding political qualities, policy level, professional qualifications and expertise, who are experienced, stable and have outstanding professional ability to carry out auditing work. 2Keep the secrets learned in the audit work strictly. When the entrusting unit has special requirements for confidentiality, it will immediately educate the auditors on confidentiality, and strictly implement the relevant state confidentiality regulations in the process of audit. 3When the auditor of our unit has relatives or interests with the audited unit, he shall make a declaration and avoid it. 3. Issuance system of outcome documents for review and audit 1To implement the three-level review procedure, i.e. to perform the three-level review procedure for the audit report and related working papers (volume calculation), namely, the head of the audit team, the Department where the audit team is located and the full-time quality management department of the intermediary audit institution (usually the business guidance department). The three-level review procedure must be implemented in the whole process of the audit work, and the review process will form the necessary working papers for entrustment.Unit inspection. 2The final approval of the audit result documents such as the audit report of our unit shall be signed and approved by the person in charge of the unit. 3The full-time quality managem

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