PROJECT SPECIFICATION UNDP Libya 2022 UNDP, LIBYA 3.1 PRELIMINARIES 3.1.1 GENERAL Work Notice to Proceed will be issued within 3 days after signing the contract. The contract period begins on the day the Notice to Proceed is issued. The Engineer and Contractor will carry out a joint condition-in survey using video or digital photographs to record the condition of the site upon handover to the Contractor. This will determine the state of the site that the Contractor must hand back upon completion of the works. The Contractor will carry out a detailed site set out survey for the works. The contractor may not proceed with on-site mobilization or construction works before the Engineer approves the following documentation that shall be covered in Program:  Condition-in Survey  Site Survey  Work Method Statement  Program  Quality Assurance / Quality Control Plan (QA/QC) as per minimum requirement 1.3 Contractor’s Quality Control Plan specification.  Health and Safety Plan (H&S) as per minimum requirement Health and Safety Specification no. 1.4.  Environmental Protection Plan as per minimum requirement ...  Dust and Noise Protection Plan  Schedule of Materials and Installed Equipment A Pre-Construction Meeting will be held between the Engineer and the Contractor to review the above documentation. If the documentation is incomplete, the Contractor will have 3 calendar days to revise and resubmit the documentation for approval. Site restrictions Site security limitations: Comply with any restrictions on site area, access or working times advised by the Engineer. Access: Access on to and within the site, use of the site for temporary works and constructional plant, including working and storage areas, location of offices, workshops, sheds, roads and parking, is restricted to the areas shown on the drawings or as agreed with the Engineer. Occupied Areas of Site or Buildings For the parts of the site designated as occupied areas in the Occupied Areas schedule: Allow occupants to continue using the area for the required period. Make available safe access for occupants. Arrange work to minimise nuisance to occupants and ensure their safety. Protect occupants against weather, dust, dirt, water or other nuisance, by such means as temporary screens. Protection of persons and property Temporary works: Provide and maintain required barricades, guards, fencing, shoring, temporary roadways, footpaths, signs, lighting and traffic flagging. Access ways, services: Do not obstruct or damage roadways and footpaths, drains and watercourses and other existing services in use on or adjacent to the site. Determine the location of such services. If damage occurs, immediately repair it at the Contractors cost. UNDP, LIBYA Property: Do not damage property which is to remain on or adjacent to the site, including adjoining property encroaching onto the site. If damage occurs, immediately repair it at the Contractors cost. Existing services Attend to existing services as follows: If the service is to be continued, repair, divert or relocate as required. If the service is to be abandoned, cut and seal or disconnect, and make safe. Submit proposals to the Engineer for action for existing services before starting this work. Minimise the number and duration of interruptions. Adjoining Property Records: For properties described in the Adjoining Properties to be Recorded schedule: The Contractor is to inspect the properties with the Engineer and owners and occupants of the properties before start of work. Make detailed records of conditions existing within the properties, especially structural defects and other damage or defacement. Arrange for at least 2 copies of each record, including drawings, written descriptions, and photographs, to be endorsed by the owners and occupants, or their representatives, as evidence of conditions existing before commencement of work. Submit one endorsed copy of each record to the Engineer. The Contractor is to keep the other endorsed copy. Plant Access Access route and site access point are as shown on the drawings or as agreed with the Engineer. Use of Existing Services Existing services may be used as temporary services for the performance of the contract subject to conditions stated in the Existing Services schedule. Contractors Facilities and Work Practices The Contractor is required to provide adequate toilet and washroom facilities fo

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