भारतसरकार/GOVERNMENT OF INDIA वित्तमंत्रालय/ MINISTRY OF FINANCE राजस्वविभाग/ DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE OFFICE OF THE DEPUTY COMMISSIONER:उपायुक्त कार्यालय CENTRAL GST & CENTRAL EXCISE, BALASORE DIVISION, केंद्रीय वस्तु एवम सेवा कर, केंद्रीय उत्पाद शुल्क,बालासोर मंडल, बालासोर BHASKARGANJ, WHITE HOUSE LANE, BALASORE-756001 ______________________भास्करगंज वाइट हाउस लेन, बालासोर- 756001_____________ फा.स.V(30)10/Misc/Vehicle/BLS/2019/ दिनांक: .05.2021 TENDER NOTICE For and on behalf of President of India, Sealed Tenders are invited from reputed parties/agencies supplying vehicles along with driver on monthly hired basis not exceeding Rs.40,000/- (Forty Thousand only) per month for official use of Office of Deputy Commissioner, CGST & Central Excise, Bhaskarganj-A, White House Lane, Balasore-756001. The period of hiring is from 01.07.2021 to 30.06.2022. Interested parties/agencies willing to comply with the “Terms and Conditions” annexed to this Notice, may submit their Tender documents along with the prescribed documents duly signed and stamped in sealed cover to the undersigned on or before 4th day of June, 2021 by 12:00 hrs. In case of any difficulty, they may contact the Office of Deputy Commissioner, CGST & Central Excise, Bhaskarganj-A, White House Lane, Balasore-756001 on any working day during office hours on or before 31st day of May, 2021. The Tender Notice can be downloaded from the website The Tenders can also be sent by Registered Post/AD. The date & time of opening of tenders will be on 11Th day of June, 2021 at 15:00 hrs at the office of the Deputy Commissioner, CGST & Central Excise, Balasore Division, Bhaskarganj-A, White House Lane, Balasore-756001. The sealed cover should be marked on the top as “QUOTATIONS FOR HIRING OF VEHICLE FOR CGST & CENTRAL EXCISE, BALASORE DIVISION, BALASORE”. 1|P a g e The Tender Document is to be submitted in a sealed cover containing two separate internal sealed covers. Out of the two, one will contain Technical Bid and other will contain Financial Bid. These two sealed covers shall be marked on the top as “Technical Bid” and “Financial Bid” respectively. Technical Bids should contain documents evidencing: 1. Annexure ‘B’ duly stamped and signed 2. Year of manufacture of the vehicle, 3. Previous experience with Govt. agencies served, 4. Whether the Vehicle is registered for Commercial purpose as per Motor Vehicle Act. 5. GST Registration No. The Financial Bids will be taken up only if the technical specifications are satisfactory, otherwise, the bid will be straight way rejected. The details of the vehicle to be hired are as under:- Sl. No 1. Category A3 Segment (Mid-size) vehicles (Operational vehicle) No of Vehicles required 01(One No.) Remarks To be used upto 20/25 days, subject Earnest Money Deposit (Refundable) Rs.6,000/- to a maximum of 2000Kms in a month The tenders/quotations received incomplete and/or filed after the due date shall be summarily rejected. The parties who wish to be present at the time of opening of Tender/Quotation may represent themselves or authorize their representatives with 2|P a g e an authority letter. Vehicles offered for services may also be required to be shown for inspection to find out the actual condition thereof after opening of Technical bid. The Deputy Commissioner CGST & Central Excise Division- Balasore, Bhaskarganj-A, White House Lane, Balasore-756001 reserves the right to accept or reject any or all tenders without assigning any reasons. Encl; : Annexure A-Terms & Conditions Annexure B-Proforma for TECHNICAL BID Annexure C-Proforma for FINANCIAL BID (शोभन कुमार मंडल) उपायुक्त केंद्रीय वस्तु एवम सेवाकर, केंद्रीय उत्पादशुल्क बालासोर मंडल, बालासोर F.No. C.No. V(30)10/Misc/Vehicle/BLS/2019/ .05.2021 Copy to :1) The Superintendent (Computer Cell), CGST & Central Excise, Commissionerate, Rajaswavihar, Vanivihar, Bhubaneswar Bhubaneswar for posting the said Tender Notice on the Departmental website immediately. 2) Notice Board. (शोभन कुमार मंडल) उपायुक्त केंद्रीय वस्तु एवम सेवाकर, केंद्रीय उत्पादशुल्क बालासोर मंडल, बालासोर 3|P a g e TERMS AND CONDITIONS 1. Earnest Money Deposit/Bid Security as mentioned in Para 31 below refundable in the form of Demand Draft payable to the Administrative Officer CGST & Central Excise, Balasore Division, must accompany the tender. Tenders without Earnest Money Deposit and in any other form i.e. cheque, cash etc. will NOT be considered. 2. The contract for the

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