INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR DEMOCRACY AND ELECTORAL ASSISTANCE TENDER NOTICE Tender Reference No. 2021-05-002 Project Name: Communications and Publications Assignment Name: Translation Services (Institutional) Deadline for Submissions: Proposals must be submitted on or before 23:59 (CET), 30 June 2021. Late submissions will not be considered for evaluation. Address for Submissions: E-mail:[email protected] Format for Submissions: Proposals must be submitted by email. Technical and Financial proposals must be submitted in separate files and marked accordingly. Price should not be mentioned in the Technical Proposal. The following text should be put in the subject field of the email: Tender No. 2021-05-002 Technical and Financial Proposals – Do not open before 23:59 (CET), 30 June 2021. Email Address for Clarifications: E-mail: [email protected] Clarifications may be requested via e-mail no later than 7 days prior to the submission deadline at the above email address, i.e. 23 June 2021. Note a response to a request for clarifications will be issued to all tenderers on our website Therefore tenderers are advised to check the website regularly during the process. Note: there are two different email addresses as outlined above, one to be used for Submission of your final proposal and the second one to be used for clarifications and other related correspondence. 1 REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS General Information Section 1. 1.1 The International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (International IDEA) is an intergovernmental organization established in 1995, with Member States across all continents, which aims to support sustainable democracy world-wide and assist in the development of institutions and the culture of democracy. At the interface between research, fieldwork and the donor community, International IDEA provides a forum for dialogue, builds networks of experts, develops training materials and provides strategic advice at the international, regional and national level, cooperating with a range of organizations. 1.2 The Institute now invites proposals from qualified service providers (agencies, firms, organizations only) for translation services. The services include translation of articles, communications material, documents and publications in any of the following languages from/into English (UK), for the entire Institute:            Arabic Bahasa Indonesia French (FR) Myanmar language Nepali Spanish (ES) Swedish Portuguese (PT) Russian Ukrainian Thai In the event that translation from/into other languages not listed above are required the rate(s) will be agreed between the two Parties. International IDEA will request a quote from one or several Provider(s) when the need arises. If International IDEA accepts the quote the rate(s) will be specified in the Service Order. For the purpose of this Tender process Bidders will only be evaluated on their experience, quality and rates of the above-mentioned languages. A detailed description of the assignment is provided in Annex B—the Terms of Reference (ToR) - attached to this Request for Proposals. 1.3 Tentative timeframe: It is anticipated that the services will commence in August 2021 for an initial period of three (3) years, with the possibility to renew for an additional two (2) year-period, up to a total maximum contract duration of five (5) years. 1.4 It is intended to establish a pool of two to four Providers with Framework Contracts from whom International IDEA can invite quotations to undertake various translation assignments. 1.5. This assignment will be governed by International IDEA’s General Terms (attached to this Tender Notice). 2 Section 2. Preparation of Proposals 2.1 Language: The official language for the proposal, contract, reports and any other documents in relation to the assignment is English. 2.2 Estimated input: The frequency of service requests will vary between different years and languages and depend on International IDEA’s work programme. For reference, expenditures for translation were in the range of EUR 6’000 in 2019, whereas in 2020, costs for translation amounted to approx. EUR 28’000. 2.3 Required experience: The provider must work with linguists that have documented qualifications in language translation. 2.4 Number of languages: The provider must be able to supply translation services for all of the languages specified in Section 1.2 (above). 2.5 The Tec

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