2022 NFHS Softball Exam Part I NOTE: In the exam situations, F refers to a fielder, B refers to a batter and R refers to a runner. All situations and acts are legal, and no errors or mistakes are involved unless otherwise noted. 1. Batter A approaches the batter’s box and the defensive team’s head coach requests that the batter be “intentionally walked.” At that time, the home plate umpire indicates that the batter is awarded first base. The defensive coach now appeals that Batter A has batted out of order. A. This appeal may not be made until Batter A reaches first base. B. The appeal may not be made after the home plate umpire awards the intentional walk. C. The appeal may be made at any time after the home plate umpire awards the intentional walk and before a pitch to the next batter. D. All of the above. 2. A strike is charged to the batter when: A. A pitch is swung at and missed. B. A pitch contacts the batter while swinging at the ball or the batter is hit by the pitch that is in the strike zone. (dead-ball strike) C. A member of the offensive team intentionally removes a line. D. All of the above. 3. With R1 on second base, B2 is at bat with a 2 ball -1 strike count. The next pitch is completely in the batter’s box and barely grazes the jersey of B2 while R1 breaks to steal third base. The catcher throws to third base and R1 is tagged out. What is the correct ruling? A. The ball is live, R1 is out and B2 has a 3-1 count. B. The ball is dead, B2 is awarded first base. The play at third base stands, R1 is out. C. The ball is dead, B2 is awarded first base. R1 returns to second base. D. The ball is dead, B2 remains at bat since the umpire judged B2 did not make an attempt to get out of the way of the pitch. 4. All of the following are true statements regarding the designated player (DP), EXCEPT: A. The DP is one of the nine hitters in the batting order. B. The DP may be substituted for at any time by a legal substitute. C. The DP may play defense only for the FLEX. D. The DP has left the game if the FLEX bats. E. The DP must remain in the same position in the batting order for the entire game. 5. The FLEX may be substituted for at any time by: A. A legal substitute. B. The DP, who may play defense for the FLEX. C. Anyone else in the batting order. D. A and B only. E. A, B and C. 6. Which statement is correct in regard to the FLEX player? A. The FLEX player is listed in the 10th position in the lineup. B. A head coach who lists the DP/FLEX on the starting lineup can go from 9 to 10 players as long as no re-entry and substitution rules are violated. Copyright © 1990-2021 National Federation of State High School Associations. All rights reserved. C. The FLEX can bat or run bases for the DP. Either the head coach or the FLEX player can report the change to the plate umpire. The DP has left the game. D. All of the above. 7. A defensive player takes the field with an eye shield connected to the face/head protection. What material is legal for an eye shield? A. Mirror-like material. B. Material that is shaded. C. Material that is tinted. D. Material that is clear and permits 100% allowable light transmission. 8. Defensive players may wear face shields provided that: A. The shield is attached to face/head protection. B. The shield is made of rigid material. C. The shield allows for 100% light transmission with no tint. D. All of the above. 9. In a contest within a state that requires the use of a double first base, a coach indicates he does not want to play the game with a double first base. Which statement is correct? A. If both coaches agree, the double first base may be removed. B. The double first base rule must be used in all contests. C. Any type of base is permissible in states that adopt the double first base. D. The contrasting color portion of first base can be removed when the aforementioned coach’s team is on defense. 10. In fast pitch softball, all bats shall meet the ASA/USA Softball Bat Performance Standard and have what certification marks? A. 2000, 2004 or the USA Softball All Games. B. 2004. C. 2000, 2004 or 2013. D. None of the above. 11. The knob of the bat may be: A. Molded, lathed and welded. B. Adjustable, if permanently fastened. C. Covered with grip tape. D. All of the above. 12. All the following are legal apparel except: A. All players are wearing a white arm sleeve. B. All players are wearing a black knee sleeve. C. Some players are wearing camouflage arm sleeves in the school colors. D. Som

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