Specialty Training Committee in Respiratory and Sleep Medicine Accreditation of Advanced Training Site in Paediatric Sleep Medicine Site Visit Report ( A. / /20 ) SITE DETAILS Name of Site: Accreditation Status (Current): accredited Fully accredited Provisionally accredited Not Date of Accreditation: Associated Network Sites: Have these been visited Yes No University affiliation: Number of advanced trainees in Sleep Medicine: Current: Maximum positions available: Personnel: Designation Name Department Director Supervisor 1 Supervisor 2 Supervisor 3 Supervisor 4 Supervisor 5 Supervisor 6 Supervisor 7 Supervisor 8 Supervisor 9 Supervisor 10 Trainee 1 Trainee 2 Trainee 3 Trainee 4 SDL Manager Site Visit Report – Paediatric Sleep Medicine 2018 Interviewed Supervisor Workshop Yes No Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No No No No No No No No 1 Other 1 Other 2 Other 3 Yes Yes Yes No No No Comments: Hospital Overview (number of beds, services provided) Sleep unit overview (staff numbers - SMO/AT, number of beds, number of studies/week etc) Sleep AT duties: Inpatient/consults: Acute NIV: Clinics (type: general sleep, subspecialty- name, frequency, number new/review cases seen by AT): Sleep meetings: Other duties: Other comments, including special training opportunities at the site B. SITE SURVEY – SLEEP MEDICINE TRAINING STANDARD 1 Each training site in the network shall provide appropriate supervision for advanced training. Criteria Compliance Full Partial No a A full-time paediatric sleep medicine physician (or equivalent in fractional or visiting sleep medicine paediatricians). The primary supervisor of the trainee should have at least a 50% time commitment to the practice of sleep medicine, and should attend relevant professional and/or scientific meetings to keep abreast of developments in the field. On site supervision must generally be available for more than 75% of standard working hours. (Where only part-time training is being offered, then a reduction in supervision availability may be considered where appropriate.) The service or network should have at least one consultant with special interest and expertise in non-respiratory sleep disorders. b A sleep medicine paediatrician shall be available on site to supervise sleep study reporting. All final reports shall be checked by a sleep medicine specialist. c The sleep medicine paediatrician(s), who is/are the supervisor(s) of the trainee, shall ensure that the trainee is involved in the daily running of the Sleep Service, including supervision of inpatient and outpatient management, undertaking procedures and report generation, organisation of Departmental clinical meetings, and supervision of any junior resident medical staff d The supervisor(s) will meet regularly with the trainee to provide Site Visit Report – Paediatric Sleep Medicine 2018 2 formative assessment. The supervisor(s) will assist the trainee to ensure completion of assessment tasks, at the direction of the STC, and meet RACP requirements for supervision. e The supervisor(s) must have participated in a RACP supervisor workshop. Notes: Check supervision arrangements and interview supervisor(s). Check formative and summative assessment processes. Check supervision arrangements with trainee(s). General comments, including why compliance is not full: Changes or improvements since last accreditation visit: Standard 1 Overall Compliance: Substantial Compliance: Yes No Reasons for non-compliance: Suggestions for improvement: STANDARD 2 The Sleep Medicine Network shall have sufficient workload of clinical material for advanced training, encompassing a broad range of sleep disorders, including respiratory and non-respiratory disorders. Criteria Compliance Full Partial No a As a general guide to satisfy the STC requirements, the direct case load requirements per advanced trainee per year should be a total of 400 patients for the network to be eligible for accreditation. A network of training sites may combine to provide an adequate number and range of cases where the spread of cases is uneven between sites. The Sleep Medicine service or network would be expected to have expertise in non-respiratory sleep disorders including access to a patient caseload where a primary or major component of the patient’s presentation is a non-respiratory sleep di

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