LICENSING ACT 2003 NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR NEW PREMISES LICENCE Name of applicant(s): Newhall Labour Club Committee Postal address of premises (or if no there is no address, a suitable description of the premises, and location sufficient to enable the location and extent of the premises to be identified): 154 High Street Newhall Derbyshire DE11 0HP Summary of proposed licensable activities (hours and activities applied for): Plays – indoors, films – indoors Sunday – Thursday: 10:00hrs – 23:00hrs Friday – Saturday: 10:00hrs – 00:00hrs Live music – indoors Sunday – Thursday: 12:00hrs – 23:00hrs Friday & Saturday: 12:00hrs – 00:00hrs Christmas Eve and New Years Eve: 12:00hrs – 00:30hrs Recorded music – indoors Monday – Thursday: 12:00hrs – 23:30hrs Friday – Saturday: 12:00hrs – 00:00hrs Sunday: 12:00hrs – 23:00hrs Christmas Eve and New Years Eve: 12:00hrs – 00:30hrs Late night refreshment – indoors Sunday – Thursday: 23:00hrs – 00:00hrs Friday – Saturday: 23:00hrs – 00:30hrs Christmas Eve and New Years Eve: 23:00hrs – 00:30hrs Sale by retail of alcohol – on and off the premises Sunday – Thursday: 11:00hrs – 23:30hrs Friday – Saturday: 11:00hrs – 00:00hrs Christmas Eve and New Years Eve: 23:00hrs – 00:30hrs Last date of representation: 6th May 2022 The register can be viewed during office hours at South Derbyshire District Council, Civic Offices, Civic Way, Swadlincote, Derbyshire, DE11 0AH. Please contact us 01283 221000 in order to make an appointment. Alternatively, the full application can be viewed at Any representation relating to this application must be made in writing to the Licensing Authority by 29 consecutive days after the date of this notice. It is an offence knowingly or recklessly to make a false statement in connection with an application. The maximum fine on summary conviction for this offence is £5,000.

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