PASIR RIS SECONDARY SCHOOL PARENT SUPPORT GROUP MEMBERSHIP FORM Dear Parents Pasir Ris Secondary School believes that a successful home-school link is a key element to improve students’ learning. Research has shown that when parents are involved in their children’s education, children do better in school. The school’s Parent Support Group (PSG) is a platform for the school to forge strong partnership with parents. The PSG provides parents the opportunity to be actively involved in their children’s education through invitation and participation in school’s activities and events. Your involvement in school activities will enhance the educational experiences of our students and strengthen parent-child bonding. Hence, we would like to take this opportunity to invite you to join our PSG. Yes, I will join the PSG. Here are my particulars: (please attach your business card with this form, if any) Name of Dr/ Mr / Mrs / Mdm / Ms Parent Occupation: Child’s Name Class: Address Email Contact nos. Home: H/P: Office: I am interested in, and can help the PSG in these areas: (please tick where applicable) Events (organizing talks, share parenting skills, participate in parent-school-community activities) Media (artwork, publicity, PSG website set-up and maintenance) Membership Relations (coordinating information, records, direct contact with parents, communication via email and phone, networking) Fund-Raising for needy students and school programmes Others (please specify): Interests/skills that I can share with parents/school: Parents’ needs The school can help me in the following areas: Hold parenting seminars to enable me to understand and relate better with my child. Organise a session to help me understand how my child is coping with secondary school life. Involve me in Focus Group Discussions so that I am aware of new educational initiatives and can give suggestions. Others (please specify): Please note that this form can also be downloaded from the school’s website at You can email this form to our PSG Chairperson Mrs Lim Siew Chin at [email protected]

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