Preparing for Adulthood Appendices Page Number a) Implementation Plan (separate document) 2 b) PFA Membership 3 c) Existing Programmes in Waltham Forest 4-6 d) Preparing for Adulthood Guidance 7 - 54 e) Y9 Annual Review Guidance 55 - 56 f) Easy to Read Version 57 g) Transition Guidance for Professionals 58 - 68 h) PFA overview chart by age 69 1 Appendix A Implementation plan- separate document 2 Appendix B PFA MEMBERSHIP 2021 Agency SEND Education business effectiveness and links to post 14 strategy (Voluntary sector/ social prescribers, local employers/education) Parent Forum SENDIASS Youth Forum Waltham Forest College Name Eva Gunkova, Janice Heath Lindsay Jackson/Linda Leigh Carol Prideaux/or Sarah Asta/Assia Lizz Tattle – Head of Support and Inclusion ([email protected]) Ann Faal ([email protected]) Gosia Klosek ([email protected]) Mihaela Chowdhury ([email protected]) Cally Halkes – Vice Principal Highams Park School [email protected], ([email protected]) Sally Devlin – SENCO AT NORLINGTON SCHOOL [email protected] Alam Khan / Denise Darling-Grant Kobus Grobbelaar Vikki Monk-Meyer/ Nicola Ellis Katy Briggs/Anna Saunders Tracey Goddard Heather Cooke Seb Florent ([email protected]) James McHugh Sade Ajayi Sixth forms – Leyton Special schools with Sixth Forms (study programs) Mainstream Secondary 2x ASC CSC Health DCO, public health, adult health Commissioning YOS Education Psychology Police Housing Early Help 3 Appendix C Existing programmes in Waltham Forest PRE-INTERNSHIPSTottenham Hotspur skills/ Pre-Internships prepare young people for an Internship. Young people will learn how to present themselves to an employer, how to write an application and will gain workexperience, whilst still undertaking a study programme. At Tottenham Hotspur pre-internship programme, young people can gain experience working on the grounds of the football site whilst still studying at the college. INTERNSHIPS: a) MENCAP Mencap is a UK charity that provides support for people with learning disabilities and their families. They provide employment advice to individuals as well as employers looking to hire someone with a learning disability. Mencap also have a range of traineeships, apprenticeships, and internships. This includes Employ Me London which provides skills training, employment workshops, work experience and other activities for young people with a learning disability, a learning difficulty or autism. Mencap’s work with partner organisations, from schools to the Financial Times helps to make it a successful organisation, showing the importance of employer engagement. The MENCAP employment programme will identify an employer for young people and will find an internship in an area that they are interested in. b) PROJECT SEARCH The Project Search Internship is based in the public sector in local hospitals. Young people will undertake experience in three areas of the hospital, and this will give them the chance to find a place in the hospital that they would like to work in. To find out more about project search click the link below: Project Search will be named on the Education Health and Care Plan. this will need to be raised in the annual review in year 11 so it can be named on their EHCP before the March 31st deadline. Project Search is an international, well established transition to work programme for people with learning disabilities and autism that want to work. It combines training and coaching with real-life work experience and around 60% of those that complete the programme achieve employment. Whitefield Academy Trust and Barts Health NHS Trust established Project Search in Waltham Forest in 2013 to run a supported internship programme at Whipps Cross Hospital. They have continued to run the programme even through the coronavirus 4 pandemic, adapting to working from home and social distancing. Interns rotate through three placements and have support from job coaches and tutors to develop and build their own job portfolio. The scheme has been very successful, regularly achieving employment outcomes of over 70% which is a great example for Waltham Forest Council to learn from in aspiring to establish our own supported internship programme. c) ELLINGHAM -SE

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