Lancasterian Primary School A safe and welcoming learning community where:  we all aim high;  everyone is included;  creativity is valued. KS1/2 Curriculum Map GEOGRAPHY Y1 Y2 Y3 Y4 Y5 Y6 Wk1&2  Geography of the local area  Where are we in London?  Use maps and compass directions, exploring features and routes on a map  Features of a city – explore these through fieldwork  Use aerial photos and Google Earth to explore Tottenham within London  Countries of the UK and their capital cities  Planning a Trip!  Children plan a hypothetical trip to visit all 4 countries in the UK considering how they would travel and if they would visit the capitals or other prominent cities  Children plan to visit 1 country in each continent, again considering how they would travel and which oceans they would travel across/over  Use atlases, globes and maps to support  Understand climate difference in countries dependent on proximity to the equator  Rivers: UK overview  River processes including the water cycle  Landforms and flooding. Teach through contrasting in depth studies: River Severn & River Thames.  Place in context of locational overview: uses/pros and cons of a river in a city vs in a countryside  Fieldwork – visit local canal and River Lea to discuss differences between these  Map skills to be used to locate, plan and plot routes in relation to fieldwork  Climate and biomes: situated in Europe  Climate and relationship with oceans  Mediterranean climate (link to Ancient Greeks way of life)  Temperate climate. Use examples of Rhine & UK  Refer to longitude and latitude, Arctic and Antarctic  Use 4 figure grid references to identify locations with differing climates  North and South America, (main focus on Brazil)  Population  What is a megacity?  Discuss GMT and time zones  In depth: Brazil’s megacities  Urban-rural migration in Brazil, including informal settlements, like favelas. Challenge stereotypes of favelas – consider unfair distribution of resources, opportunities and wealth in Brazilian megacities  Comparison of three contrasting regions. For example:  Wales or South West England,  Mediterranean or Rhine,  Amazon basin or California  Consider: Land-use and use of natural resources (sustainability and climate change) Tourism and migration – ethical questions, values, attitudes and diversity  Use of language related to human and physical geography IT Resource s Wk3&4 Purplemash–Countries and Places/Continents LGFL- iboard Purplemash – Countries and Places/Holidays/Europe LGFL – Growing up Around the World  Comparison of London vs Rio de Janeiro  Compare human and physical geography Purplemash – Rivers Busythings - Rivers Purplemash – Polar Regions/Antartica LGFL – Explore Geography - Purplemash – North America/ South America Purplemash- Countries and Places  Mountain ranges & famous mountains: world overview  UK mountainous regions  Volcanoes  Structure of the earth  First look at tectonic plates  Rainforests  Introduce Amazon basin as a region: rainforests  Polar Regions  Eco-systems in the polar regions  Antarctica (with  Where are my family originally from?  Countries and continents of family IT Resource s Wk5&6 heritage across the class, plot on to a world map  How did they originally travel to London?  How do I go and see them now?  Choose 2 common countries of heritage and explore key physical features – mountainous, landlocked, weather, etc  Compare climates  Compare day-to-day life Purplemash – Local Area Study/ Maps Busythings Purplemash- Countries and Places  Mapping out the school  Children create map of the school, including classroom locations with photos, templates etc to support Create a key and label the map  UK Rivers  Beginning with River Thames  Learn about 3 other major rivers in the UK and the cities and towns they support  Why are cities and towns located next to rivers?  Look at recent UK news reports regarding flooding and how these might be linked to climate change  Use map work, compass directions and aerial photos  Fieldwork: Visit the River including Brecon Beacons, Highlands, Lake District, Snowdonia, Pennines, Yorkshire Dales  In depth: Snowdonia  Why do people still live near volcanoes  Mount Etna and human settlements around it  Include historical Pompeii eruption rainforest as ecosystem relationship with climate – the ‘lungs of the world’  Living in the rainforest deforestation human

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