Information on the Election of Scholars and Exhibitioners 2022 The Application Deadline for the 2022 Election exams will be th Friday 28 January 2022 (see note about Election Application Forms on page 4) INFORMATION ON THE ELECTION OF SCHOLARS AND EXHIBITIONERS This information applies to Academic Awards. Details of Music Awards may be obtained from the Music School Administrator, Miss J. Ambrose ( Since its founding by William of Wykeham, Scholars have played an in integral role within Winchester College. In 1382, the charter foundation established 70 Scholars. Today, most features of the foundation are still in place, including 70 Scholars who live together in College. The Warden and Fellows of College appoint examiners and elect Scholars, as well as Exhibitioners. Election is the current process of selecting the incoming year of boys for Scholarships and Exhibitions. This document provides important details for parents, schools and candidates regarding Election. About 14 Scholarships and about 6 Exhibitions are awarded each year to candidates who have sat Election. A Scholarship or Exhibition is tenable during the whole of a boy’s time at the School, subject to satisfactory progress. AWARDS: The following academic awards are made on the results of the Election examination:1. Scholarships, tenable only in College (the Scholars’ house). 2. Exhibitions, tenable only in Commoner Houses. 3. Headmaster’s Nominations, tenable in Commoner Houses (see below). Candidates who hold a conditional place in a Commoner House or a General Place may apply for Scholarship and/or Exhibition. Candidates not holding a conditional offer of a place in the school may apply for Scholarship only. An Exhibition or Headmaster’s Nomination ensures a place in a Commoner House. A Headmaster’s Nomination may be awarded to a candidate who has not previously been offered a place in the school and is not elected a Scholar, but whose exam results are deemed good enough to warrant promotion. Headmaster’s Nominations cannot be applied for and are not necessarily awarded each year. THE ELECTION EXAMINATION: Exams and interviews take place over three days. The 2022 Election exams will begin on Monday 2nd May 2022 (NB this is a public holiday in the UK) and the Roll of Scholars and Exhibitioners will be published on Wednesday 11th May 2022. Candidates will be resident in Winchester for the period of the exams. The examination consists of two parts: Compulsory Alternative papers: candidates must take at least THREE: papers: C1 English A1 Latin C2 Mathematics I A2 French (including French speaking: see following note) C3 Science A3 Greek C4 General Paper I A4 History (multiple-choice A5 Geography logical A6 Mathematics II reasoning test) A7 General Paper II (usually 3 questions). May include interpretation of data, a passage for comprehension, or a structured essay question). -2- Languages: Candidates are expected to sit at least one language paper if they attend a school at which languages form part of the curriculum, unless the school feels there are exceptional reasons to preclude this. If a candidate is studying Latin, Greek or French, but is not taking the Election paper, the school should contact the Head of Classics (Mr Edmund Lewis: or the Head of Modern Languages (Mr Justin Pinnells: before Election to discuss the situation. If more than one language paper is selected, they can be in any combination of French/Latin/Greek. French speaking: general conversation No preparation time is required and the discussion will last between 5 and 7 minutes. The examiner will ask open questions to the candidate. The candidate should be encouraged to add as much detail to his answers as he can, and to use a wide variety of tenses. The examiner will be responsive to the level of the candidate, and will tailor the discussion to make it as positive an experience as possible for both parties. - Topics may include: Self, family and friends, home life, school life, free time and holiday activities, travel and transport, eating and drinking, home town and geographical surroundings, shopping, special occasions. Exam preparation: No books are named for preparation. Most papers are based on the appropriate Common Entrance or Key Stage 3 syllabus, although in some parts of the French and Latin papers, a wider range of vocabulary and grammar may be found. Copies of previous Election papers, with the exception of p

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