Driver's Personal Year-end Summary Driving a car is a profession related to people's life and property, so the profession has high requirements for the driver whether from driving technology or repair technology, in order to ensure the successful completion of the work. From *** to ***, the leader not only arranged me to be a driver, but also made me have a preliminary understanding of automobiles through more than a year's earnest study. At the same time, he also understood that road traffic is composed of three elements: human, vehicle and road. Among these three elements, road is the foundation, vehicle is the foundation, and human is the key.This fully demonstrates that drivers are the most active, the most important and decisive factor in traffic safety. They must concentrate their thoughts, judge accurately, react quickly and operate flexibly when driving.Good driving skill is an important symbol to measure the quality of drivers. An excellent driver should have not only good psychological, physiological and ideological basis, but also excellent technical skills. Only in this way can traffic safety be ensured.After three months of technical training in recent years, I got a motor vehicle driver's license, which also made me deeply in love with this industry. I treat my own car like a friend. Whenever there is something wrong with the car, I repair it by myself. I can not go without going to the repair shop. This not only exercises me, but also improves my repair technology. In daily work, first of all, we should pay attention to our own ideological consciousness, study Party newspapers and periodicals, study Party's line, principles, policies and resolutions, fully realize the importance of strengthening ideological and political work, improve our ability to distinguish right from wrong and improve our spiritual realm. On July 1, 2000, we joined the Communist Party of China and became a glorious Communist fighter, which made me work more actively.Firmly establish the idea of serving the people wholeheartedly, insist on telling the truth, doing honest things and being honest, insist on self-respect, self-introspection, self- warning and self-motivation, consciously strengthen their own ideological accomplishment, establish a pragmatic and hard-working style, always strictly require themselves according to the standards of advanced Communist Party members, modestly learn from colleagues, and earnestly study Road Traffic Management in peacetime.Regulations, constantly enrich themselves to ensure strict compliance with the regulations in driving, do not violate the rules and regulations, precisely because of this, in more than a decade of driving work, there has never been a violation of regulations and traffic accidents. With the development of automobile industry, many new and high technologies have been armed on new automobiles. In order to adapt to the rapid development of automobile industry and master new technologies, in addition to purchasing relevant books and striving to self-study, they have also actively participated in various kinds of technical training. They have passed the four-level vocational qualification training in December, the three-level vocational qualification training in December, and the three-level vocational qualification training in December, respectively.Through the secondary/technician vocational qualification training, through continuous learning and experience accumulation, master the operation and performance of advanced equipment, so that my repair technology is constantly improved. Usually, vehicles are routinely maintained and inspected. I think that vehicles should be repaired three times and seven times. Only when they are well maintained in peacetime, can they be eliminated in the budding state without major failures. Especially, the brake parts, lights and steering systems related to safety are often inspected.Make sure you have a good idea.Wheel tyres are regularly aligned to prolong service life. In the driving and repairing work of more than ten years, we have realized that only superb technology is not enough to do this work well, but also a sense of responsibility for work and people's lives and property. Only by establishing this sense of responsibility, can we do a good job in driving and repairing work.It is because I recognize and

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