Flying in the Sky Flying over the sky: This title uses figurative rhetoric to com pare the dive of Lv Wei Gaotai to flying over the sky, describi ng Lv Wei's diving as beautiful as a fairy. Learning objectives 1. Understand the characteristics of news feature. 2. Taste the beautiful and vivid language of the article. (key) 3. Feel the elegance of our diving athletes and the patri otism of the author.(difficulty) Preview thinking 1. Stylistic Introduction - What is News Feature? (1) News feature refers to a kind of news genre which is similar to feature writing and uses visual description as the main means of expression, intercepts the most valuable, moving and characteristic fragments and parts of news events and enlarges them so as to vividly reproduce typical characters, events and scenes. (2) News feature has the characteristics of both news and literature. Preview guidance 2. Pronunciation and meaning Grace () skims () Y L Head up () Hold your breath () for a moment () Qi o B ng Ch KI Ch Qi o Generously () poorly () quietly () I was confused by the complexity of things.It also mea ns that things are too complicated to be distinguished. See things in a blur: 3. Overall perception: —— The News Nature of News Features What does this news feature cover?Wh at scenes should we focus on? This news feature reports that diving girl Lv Wei won the gold medal at the Asian Games in New Delhi. The text captures Lv Wei's diving movements to depict them in detail. Cooperative inquiry —— Literariness of News Features 1. The reporter vividly and vividly reproduced th e splendid moment when Chinese diving girl Lv Wei won the championship in poetic and picturesque language. P lease read the natural passages of 234 and annotate the m carefully, and appreciate the beauty of the "flying sk y" of Lv Wei's diving movement. (Tips: We can analyze our feelings from the perspectives of word selection, rhetoric and writing.) Communication display (1 ) In the second paragraph, "Shut your arms lightly", "Push lightly" and "Fly into the air" The description of movements strongly highlights the gentleness, gracefulness and str etch of Lu Wei's movements, which are full of dynamic beauty. (2) Her slender and beautiful body is like being held up by the air, against the blu ky and white clouds, like the flying sky in Dunhuang murals. Using metaphor, the author vividly depicts the elegant movements of Lv Wei in diving, a nd expresses the author's inner admiration and love. (3 ) In the third paragraph, "roll forward for one and a half weeks", "turn around in t he air for three weeks" and "wheeze" into the blue wave. The close-up of the camera strongly highlights the difficulty, dang er, perfection and shock of Lv Wei's action. (4) Next, it is a one-and-a-half-week forward toss, accompanied by a whirlwind-like turning in the air for three weeks, moving like meteors... By analogy, Lv Wei's diving speed is compared to "tornado" and "meteor". Describe the speed and skill of diving vividly. (5 ) 1.7 seconds seemed particularly generous to her.Let her unhur riedly display the beautiful lines of her body. The personification of "time" shows that Lv Wei's di ving movements are both quick and natural. 2. What is the effect of the description of white clouds and birds in the first paragraph? Is it superfluous to write about the audience's reaction and admiration and the atmosphere on the spot?Why? 3. Read the text carefully and tell us how the c lose-up expresses the author's thoughts and f eelings. Communication display 2. What is the effect of the description of white clouds and birds in the first paragraph? Is it superfluous to write about the audience's reaction and adm With "white clouds" and "flying set off Lu Wei's "calmness iration and the atmosphere onbirds" the spot?Why? and composure" when standing on a 10-meter platform. No more.Through the side foil, highlight the diving athlet es'superb skills and love for the motherland. 3. Read the text carefully and tell us how the close-up exp resses the author's thoughts and feelings. The praise of Lv Wei, an athlete who strives for glory for his country, is proud of such excellent diving athle tes as China, and expresses the author's love for his m otherland. Classroom summary Flying in the Sky theme Positive description of diving moments (close-up) Side Description of Reporter s'and Audiences' Reflections Strugg le hard Endeavou r Patriotic This

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