CURRICULUM VITAE Name: Zanna Family name: Karaseva Date of Birth: July 15th, 1975 Educational Background: 1997 – Department of Economics of the Riga Technical University Positions occupied during the last 3 years: 2004 - 2006 2006-2008 2008Board. SIA „Gramatvedibas Agentura” – Member of the Management Board; SIA „Finvest” – financial economist; SIA „Gramatvedibas Agentura” – Chairperson of the Manageent Positions taken in other companies: - SIA „Gramatvedibas Agentura” – Chairperson of the Manageent Board. Number of shares of JSC „Olainfarm” : None Number of shares of daughter/parent companies of JSC „Olainfarm”: None

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