MINUTES MEETING: Talleyville Softball League Meeting DATE: 12/2/2021 LOCATION: DelVets START TIME: 7 pm END TIME: 9:40pm CALLED TO ORDER BY: Audra Powell Agenda Topic Minutes Review League Comm Presenter Audra Colleen, Stef, Adam, Tori, Matt, Jamie Agenda Topics  November Minutes approved  Review of rule revisions per division o Several rule revisions and additions were proposed and review with the board o Revised rules will be circulated to the team commissioners and board for additional review o Goal is for Board to approve new rules at February board meeting DECISION: Board agrees that the Mustang division will utilize helmets with cages. DECISION: We’ll post schedule for the day on Saturday games on the whiteboard (where board member of the day is). Coaches to check if they’re the last game on a field that day. 12U Team member departures o Two team members have opted to leave o One player was fully paid up and one was on a payment plan and owed half of payment still o Doug has informed the family of their obligation to pay; until full payment is received Talleyville will not release individual from   Travel Doug, Dan & Kiley Meyers ATTENDEES: Jimmy Mo Danielle Arnone Shaun Mullenix Amanda Kelly Audra Powell Jeff Young Jason Williams Laura Miracle Jim Grimes Lindsey Grimes Mike Ellis Rob Golbiewski Ed Moran Stef Moran Kiley Meyers Dan Meyers Jamie Schnieder Matt Farina  Action Items, Person Responsible, Expected Date ACTION: Colleen to incorporate changes discussed at board meeting into proposed rules and circulate to board and commissioners ACTION: Ken Remove current rules from website ACTION: Doug to contact UTRIP east coast rep to explain scenario with departing player’s outstanding balance  Fundraising Jeff/Audra/ Amanda    Winter Clinics Mike/Dana  Field Maintenanc e Rob  UTRIP roster Bag Bingo preparations o Bag bingo permit application has been filed o Application included contract for venue, details of games to be played, organization 501c and bylaws, notarized letter, etc. o State gambling board meets on 15Dec21 to make determination of our application; we cannot advertise until approval is received o Event is planned for 12Feb21 at JCC o Audra picked up purses on Black Friday; total $683 o Baskets being compiled now; all donations welcomed! o Jimmy Mo was able to obtain to Flyers tix donation Preparation for winter clinics were discussed Netting/Equipment: Dupont is researching what equipment we can bring in o Dupont confirmed we cannot store anything there o Audra & Mike to visit Dupont next week to meet staff, understand requirements, limitations Travel team member assistance o Doug has sent email soliciting travel team assistance Pitching/Catching clinics couldn’t occur until March due to gym availability Status of replacement Talleyville sign at Entrance o Rob presented two layouts for ACTION: Jason to locate or order compression balls ACTOIN: Shaun to send league parents an email regarding registration opening & winter clinics; mid-December ACTION: Ken to update website with registration dates ACTION: Stef to include language re: equipment swap ACTION: Audra to email coaches to ask who would like to come back ACTION: Danielle to create posterboards listing coaches names for the clinics ACTION: Doug to organize times that travel teams will be at tournaments during winter; this time could be used for clinics ACTION: Mike to provide Jamie S regarding cost estimate for parking lot in     Treasurer Chris  Sponsors Cindy     Registratio n Shaun  Concession s Danielle   Equipment Jason Scheduling Julia VicePresident Amanda sign; board reviewed and voted o Board: 1st motion Jamie, 2nd Shaun, all approved Progress of BSD discussions regarding Brandywood Field- tabled due to Cindy’s absence Parking lot project updates o Mike got confirmation regarding what plan submission needs to look like Chris sends his regrets Review of finances o Audra lead discussion due to Chris’ absence; Chris provided monthly reporting prior to meeting o U14 uniforms payment was for spirit wear that just hit Chris has requested ability to purchase software for league o Chris will shop for software; anticipates pricing could be $200$800, although he indicates it’s unlikely to be on the higher range Cindy sends her regrets Status of resent Sponsor Invoices- tabled for next meeting Shaun will set up registration for 2022 season shortly Colleen in discussion with C

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