Some informations about Milos island and Rosario Monastery Check-in and check-out  If you take a taxi that doesn’t know the address, ask for the catholic church “Rosario” in Plaka. The monastery is contiguous to the church and has been constructed at the same time. The entrance is a blue iron portal (see the photo on the website).  When arriving at the end of the road on the little square where is Palayos bakery, turn on your left, then turn on your right after the gift store (50 meters) and turn again on your left (20 meters). The portal is the first on your right.  The portal of the monastery will be closed but not locked. To open it, put your hand through the gate and pull the latch. You will find a set of keys inside the electricity counter box located on the right at the end of the courtyard in front of the main entrance of the monastery. The set has three keys : one for the portal opening on the street, one for the main entrance and one opening the doors of the three bedrooms.  Unless specific cases, checking in starts at 4:00 PM. Cleaning will be done before your arrival.  Check-out before 10AM in order to leave Maria enough time to clean the house.  When leaving the monastery for the beaches please lock the iron portal. Tourists may want to pass by the monastery to visit the Rosario catholic church although the official way is by the orthodox church.  Municipal dustbins are located in the nearest public parking at the entrance of the village close to “En Plo” restaurant.  You will find beach towels in the dressing (please do not bring bath towels on the beach)  Toilets : please never throw in the bowl any hygienic paper, tampon or any paper. Pipes could be blocked and unblocking would take a long time and be very expensive.  Each room has its own fan on the ceiling that can be run with a remote controller. You also have air conditioning with its own remote controller.  From the first room, there is an access to an attic-type little room by a little blue wooden locked staircase. As the staircase could be dangerous, the access is forbidden and locked, it is not counted in the description of the house (5 beds, 9 persons).  Each room has rolling shutters and mosquitoes protections on the windows. We recommend to maintain doors opened with the hooks that is on wall nearby. Strong winds blow often during the day (meltem) and would damage doors that have not been blocked. Rooms WIFI 1  The wifi box is located in the third bedroom next to the kitchen. Usually 2 « repeaters » are installed in the sitting room and the first bedroom to amplify the wifi signal which is otherwise not catched in those rooms.  Sometimes the PC or smartphones do not connect automatically on the adequate source. You must go in the wifi settings of your device to force it to catch the good signal.  If the wifi signal is not catched by your PC/smartphone you can unplug the wifi box or the repeater a few seconds and plug it again. The repeater is also equipped with a “reset” button that you can activate during a few seconds.  An alternative concerning your smarthphone is to put it a few seconds on “airplane mode” to relaunch the searching of the signal (it works very often…)  In any case take patience, it can occur that your smartphone function correctly and not your PC or the other way round but normally it will come back…  Water is the main problem on all Cycladic islands. The water plant is on private hands and dimensioned for local population and not for 10 times more during the tourist affluence. The water is desalted but not proper to drink because of decrepit piping. We have then equipped the kitchen with a tape on the right of the sink connected with a filter which produces an outflow of 8 liters per hour of mineral water. Fortunately like most old mansions, the monastery has its own citern ready to take over in case of possible water cut-off in july and august. The switch is automatic but you will realize it when water pressure will fall down. The outflow of filtered water will fall down to less than one liter per hour. You may be forced in the meantime to buy some bottles of mineral water. When the citern is online, take care of your water consumption if they are plenty of you because you could rapidly run out of water. Water Dinning room  As you may have seen on the photos of the monastery the dinning room is a part of the terrace under the pergola. In case of rain, which i

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