Office use only Generation Joshua Internship 2022 Application Page 1 of 12 Received: ___________ Date: Thank you for considering the Generation Joshua Summer Intern Program! We are excited to welcome a number of interns into the program each summer for an internship that will last from May 10 until August 8. This internship is not paid, but it provides lodging in the dorms at Patrick Henry College, a meal plan in the college cafeteria when it is open, and a small stipend to help offset some related living expenses and meals for when the cafeteria is not open like at the beginning of the summer. The internship is for your benefit and will equip you to better understand the political process, American governmental institutions, and ministry to teens. You will be expected to work in an office environment approximately 40 hours a week, be willing to travel as needed, and serve on the leadership team for 3-4 camps working much longer days. This is a very time intensive internship and while we strive to give a few days off in the space between our summer camps, we expect each intern to be on the job each working day of the internship as well as some weekends. Ideal applicants will demonstrate the following attributes: a willingness to learn, a heart for ministry, a strong work ethic, organizational skills, creativity, strong communication skills, and a willingness to engage in the American government process. All these attributes must be carried out in accordance with the principles laid out in the Generation Joshua Statement of Faith and the Generation Joshua Core Values. Please note: while we do use many summer interns as counselors at our camps, that role is not automatically part of this internship. The skills needed as an intern are not necessarily the same the skills needed to be a counselor. This application must be filled out and submitted in its entirety by March 7 to be considered for an internship this coming summer. Generation Joshua Internship 2022 Application Page 2 of 12 Applicant Name: __________________________________________________________ College (if applicable):______________________________________________________ Class (if applicable): _________ (Fr. So. Jr. Sr.) Major (if applicable): _____________________ Date of Birth: _______________ Age: _______ Gender: _____ Address: ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ Cell phone: __________________________ Home Phone: ________________________ Email: ______________________________ Work History: Please attach a separate document listing previous employers, job title, dates worked, and duties, beginning with most recent employment or a resume. A resume is preferred. References (Required only if this would be your first time interning with us): Please provide three letters of recommendation:  One from a pastor  One from a parent  One from an employer If for whatever circumstances you have difficulty obtaining a letter of rec from one of the above sources, please reach out to to work out a substitute. Generation Joshua Internship 2022 Application Page 3 of 12 Questions: (You may attach answers in a separate document) 1. Are you currently or have you been a Generation Joshua member? If so, how long have you participated in the program and what components of the program have you participated in? 2. Do you have any ministry or leadership experience? If so, please describe. 3. Do you have any grassroots activism or political experience? If so, please describe. 4. Please describe any past experience working with teens. 5. Why do you want to work for Generation Joshua? 6. What is one political or social issue that you care about and why? 7. What contributions would you be able to offer to Generation Joshua? Indicate which of the following specific talents, if any, that you might be able to add to the team: Generation Joshua Internship 2022 Application Page 4 of 12  Worship team experience and expertise  Newsletter experience and expertise  Audio/Visual experience and expertise  Experience/expertise with event planning  Experience/expertise with photography  Experience/expertise with graphic design  Experience with creative writing  Experience and expertise with Microsoft Excel  Other skill that you believe might be an asset to GenJ: _______

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