Rules & Regulations Welcome to Sandy Pines Campground! Please find attached the rules and policies for our campground. These rules are intended to ensure that all residents and campers enjoy a happy and safe experience at Sandy Pines. Please contact the office should you have any questions. Have a wonderful Camping Season! Sandy Pines 1 The Rules and Regulations for Sandy Pines Campground are intended to support a quality of lifestyle for all of its residents. In the use of the Annual and Owner Sites and Common Area of the campground, seasonal residents shall obey and abide by the Rules adopted by the Management. The Management reserves the right to alter or add to these Rules and Regulations and will provide a 30-day notice of a change in any rules taking effect. It is the intention that each rule: ● Conform to all applicable laws and regulations of the United States and the State of Maine, and all ordinances, rules and regulations of the Town of Kennebunkport and the Governing Documents of Sandy Pines. ● Be deemed necessary by the Management ● Protect the environment and way of life, which has attracted seasonal residents to invest in and reside at Sandy Pines. It is the responsibility of the Management to ensure compliance with the Rules. Discretion will be used to preserve the privacy of the people involved in this process. Complaints of violations should be reported in writing to the Management. If the Management feels that the complaint is justified, it will take whatever action it deems necessary. The party making the complaint will be notified as to what action has been taken. The campground management must notify the seasonal renter in writing of what rule has been broken and give the seasonal a reasonable chance to comply. Non-compliance will lead to fines being levied in accordance with the following schedule: 1st offense $25.00 (twenty-five dollars) 2nd offense $50.00 (fifty dollars) 3rd offense $75.00 (seventy-five dollars) The Seasonal resident shall be given 5 business days to correct a simple violation and 30 days to correct more complex violations. Once a violation has been corrected both parties will document the correction and the time frame. 2 GENERAL INFORMATION Seasonal Rate Structure $5500 to $6000 plus the 9% tax     Seasonal site delineation is based on numerous factors including site size, location and utilities and are not negotiable. The seasonal base rate includes a family of 6 people. All persons regularly occupying the site must be listed on the Seasonal site agreement. Basic cable hook up, hospitality grade wi-fi, sewer and water services are included in the Seasonal rate. Seasonal Rate fees for existing seasonals shall not increase more than $100 from the established base seasonal rate per year. Promotions and discounts not applicable as the established base seasonal rate. Deposits & Payment Schedules        To ensure your seasonal rental site for the next year a non- refundable deposit of $1,000 must be received by October 15, 2021. If we do not receive your deposit and signed agreement by October 15, 2021 your site may become available for booking by other guests. Deposits should be sent to: • Atlantic Holdings • 2 Live Well Drive Suite 201 • Kennebunk, Maine This deposit will be applied to your first installment due on January 1 st representing 50% of the total. This deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE. Late fees of $100 per week will be applied for each installment that is late. The second installment of 50% is due on March 1st. All payments must be received prior to opening for the season with NO EXCEPTIONS. Visitors Anyone who is not listed on your Seasonal Site Agreement is considered a visitor and shall be subject to visitors’ fees of $10 per day. Maximum occupancy on a site overnight including seasonal guests is 10 people. Continued overnight visits may not exceed 5 days. Visitor automobiles must register at the campground office. All seasonal residents shall be issued 15 visitor passes at the start of the season. The passes are non-transferable and cannot be used the following season. 3 Seasonal Open/Close Information May 6-October 10, 2022  No vehicular access or overnight stays from 10/12/2021 until 5/6/2022  Seasonal guests may access the property on April 30th to bring in materials only. You are allowed to stay the night and check out by 3 on Sunday. Security gates are operational May 6-October 11th. A gate key is required for access Season

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