XXXXX Co., Ltd. Resolution of shareholders'meeting According to the Company Law and the articles of association, Tai'an City Limited Company held its first meeting of all shareholders on 2000.The meeting shall be convened and presided over by all the shareholders and shall adopt the following resolutions: 1XXXX is elected as the executive director of the company and serves as the legal representative. 2XXX is elected as supervisor of the company. 3XXX is appointed as the manager of the company. 4To adopt the articles of association of the company. The above resolution is in conformity with the provisions of the statute and is lawful and effective. All shareholders sign: 00000000, 2000 0000Limited company Constitution In order to meet the requirements of socialist market economy and develop productive forces, this article of association is formulated in accordance with the Company Law of the People's Republic of China (hereinafter referred to as the Company Law) and other relevant laws and administrative regulations. Chapter 1 Name and domicile of a company Article 1Company Name: Tai'an City Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Company") Second article Company's domicile: Tai'an City Chapter II Business Scope of the Company Third article Business scope of the company: Chapter III Registered Capital Fourth article Registered capital of the company: RMB 10,000 yuan. To increase or reduce registered capital, a company must hold a shareholders'meeting and adopt and make a resolution by all shareholders.When a company reduces its registered capital, it shall notify the creditors within ten days from the date of making the resolution and make a public announcement in the newspaper within thirty days.The alteration of registered capital of a company shall go through the formalities of alteration registration with the registration authority according to law. Chapter IV Name of shareholders, mode of capital contribution, amount of subscribed capital contribution, proportion of capital contribution and time of capital contribution Fifth article The name of the shareholder, the mode of investment, the amount of subscribed capital contribution, the proportion of capital contribution and the time of capital contribution are as follows: The shareholders subscribed millions of yuan in currency, accounting for 00% of the company's registered capital, which was paid in full before 2000. The shareholders subscribed millions of yuan in currency, accounting for 00% of the company's registered capital, which was paid in full before 2000. The shareholders subscribed millions of yuan in currency, accounting for 00% of the company's registered capital, which was paid in full before 2000. Sixth articleAfter the establishment of the company, the capital certificate shall be issued to the shareholders. Chapter V Rights and Duties of Shareholders Seventh articleShareholders have the following rights: (1) Participating in or electing representatives to the shareholders'meeting and enjoying the right to vote according to their share of capital contribution; (2) Understanding the company's operating and financial conditions; (3) Election and election as executive directors and supervisors; (4) Obtaining and transferring dividends in accordance with laws, regulations and articles of association; (5) Preferential purchase of capital transferred by other shareholders; (6) Preferential purchase of the company's newly added registered capital; (7) After the termination of the company, the remaining property of the company shall be distributed according to law; (8) They have the shareholders'meetings right to and the consult the minutes company's of financial reports. Eighth articleShareholders undertake the following obligations: (1) To abide by the articles of association of the company; (2) Pay the subscribed capital on time; (3) To assume the debts of the company in accordance with the amount of capital subscribed by the company; (4) Shareholders shall not withdraw their investment after the company has gone through the formalities of boarding and registration. Chapter VI Conditions for Shareholders to Transfer Contributions Ninth articleShareholders may transfer part or all of their capital contributions to each other. Tenth articleThe transfer of capital contribution by shareholders shall be discussed and approved by the

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