LACOMBE RINGETTE ASSOCIATION EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEETING AGENDA ZOOM MEETING DATE: Sunday, July 18, 2021 Present: Carey Flewelling, Sherri O’Muir, Jen Glasier, Melissa Vigne, Shauna Sullivan, Shelley Vickery, Janice Jenny Grayson, Corrine Sloan, Sheri Kimmel, Bev Smith, Amanda Hatto, Lori Winslow, Chris Huston, Victoria Craig, Janelle Granigan, Teena Payne, Kristin Teskey, Cheryl Talma, Lindsay Winslow, Jason Valliere, Deanna Lawrence, Megan Bateman, Tarina Hampton, Brett & Megan Miller, Sandi Carson, Nicole Stangeland, Alan Oswald, Linda Forrester, Eva Weidner, Shannon Walker, Megan Miller, Angela Morrison, John Wilzer, Serena Chouinard-Mucha, Raelyn Buksa, Terri Gessleman, Louise Rellis, Sarah Williams, Shelley Leslie, Mark Rost, Karol Warner, Rory Kelliher, Kayla Whitecotton, Carmen Wilson, Dallas Smith, Amanda Morden, Laura Litwin Sherri O’Muir occupied the chair, Carey Flewelling acted as secretary. Sheri O’Muir called the meeting at 7:01 pm 1. APPROVAL OF AGENDA - Amanda Hatto makes a motion to approve the agenda; 2nd by Lori Winslow 2. PRESIDENT’S REPORT- Sherri O’Muir Positions to be filled, and job descriptions The following positions are executive members and voting positions - President- Run monthly meetings, BGL & RAB meetings, attend ice allocator meeting with the city of Lacombe, help out where needed - Vice president- organize year end banquet and AGM, chair executive meetings if president was unable to attend, attend other meetings on behalf of president if they can’t attend, be prepared to move to president role - Treasurer- Pay bills, pay refs, year end financials and budget - Ref allocator- Assign refs to all home games and tournaments, some computer skills needed, uses RAMP program The following are committee positions - Zone 4 Rep: 1 person- U10-1 & U10-2 ice - Tournament Committee: 2-4 members organize home tournament in Nov, get teams to come to our tournament, make a schedule - Sponsorship committee: 2 people- send out sponsorship letter to businesses, phone to check in on sponsors and follow up, create sponsorship board for tournament - Marketing Committee: 2 people- Come try ringette, float in Lacombe Day Parade, Ringette week - Picture Rep: Organize team and individual pictures Evaluations Coordinator: 1 person- Assist with running of evaluations, and inputting of data Division Directors: Help organize teams during evaluations, stay on throughout the year to help with issues, cannot be a director for an age group that you have children in - The following volunteers are continuing in their roles Ice allocator: Amanda Hatto Registrar: Tarina Hampton Secretary: Carey Flewelling Fundraising Director- Lori Winslow Equipment Director- Connor Winslow Coaching Director: Stephen Linsday Zone 4 Rep: Amanda Hatto Zone 5 Reps: Kandice Adamson and Karol Warner Webmaster: Megan Miller Evaluations Coordinator: Jay Adamson Apparel Rep: Lori Winslow - President’s Report Continued - Tournament Nov 26-28 - Session break for BGL - RAB has decided to push back program changes for this year in regards to children’s ringette and centers of excellence - AA continues as is - We will have 2 regular game slots in Blackfalds on Sundays - Wednesday ice slot in Lacombe in rotation from STING - Registration fees will remain the same as last year due to COVID - Active Start -$85 - 1st time player- $350 - U10- $585 - U12, U14, U16, & U19- $600 - AGM discount of $100 - Full time goalie for U14- $150 limited to 1 per team - No Fundraising Option $1000 - Ramp accounts have been cleared and registration will open after the AGM. If there are problems contact Tarina Hampton. 4. TREASURER Shannon Walker - Simple Budget presented - 20,000 in refunds - Casino in 2022 - Cheryl Talma moves that we approve the budget as presented. Carmen Wilson seconds. All in favour, motion is carried. 5. Volunteers - Anyone who volunteers for a position will not have to fundraise for LRA. Team fundraising will still be expeted - Division Director U10: Serena Mucha - U12/14: Megan Miller, webmaster - U16/19: Linda Forrester - President: Ray Teskey - Vice President: Lyle Grannigan - Sponsorship: Nicole Stangeland & Bev Smith - Treasurer: Carmen Wilson - Zone 4 rep: Louise Rellis - Ref Allocator: Chris Huston - Tournament Committee: Megan Bateman, Kim Rost, Janelle Granigan - Picture Rep: Terri Gessleman - Evaluations Director: Angela Morrison - Marketing: Kristin Teskey - Bev Smith is nominated for president. Bev declines. - Kinsmen Golf

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