P.1 國中英語 2 下習作解答 Lesson 1 讀寫篇 The Coat Is Lighter Than the Jacket Read and Write(14 分,每題 2 分) 文意字彙。 1. Oscar: This T-shirt is so cool. How much is it? Clerk: Its p ce is NT$500. 2. The bag is l t and easy to carry. I really like it. carry 攜帶 3. Sam: We are twins, but we don’t a ee on everything. Betty: That’s right. We usually look at things in different ways. twins 雙胞胎 4. I don’t like this pair of j ns. They’re too big for me. 5. Jennie: What size skirt do you wear? Lisa: I wear a m 6. It is very c m. le to sit on a sofa after a long day of work. 7. Paul: What time is the meeting? Ann: It’s at five. Oh, no. It’s five ten. We’re a Write(14 分,每題 2 分) 寫出下列形容詞的比較級。 1. fast 2. big 3. dirty 4. bad 5. important 6. little 7. much y late. 解答 Ⅰ Read and Write 1. price 2. light 3. agree 4. jeans 5. medium 6. comfortable 7. already Ⅱ Write 1. faster 2. bigger 3. dirtier 4. worse 5. 7. more important more 6. less P.2 Look and Fill In(36 分,每格 2 分) 依照例題,看圖填空。 Example Mr. Smith is (o) older English is than Mrs. Smith. (i) Chinese to Peter. Chinese 中文 George’s room is (c) . Your ruler is (I) John is (t) . Kevin, but he is (t) him. 解答 Ⅲ Look and Fill In 1. more/interesting/than 2. cleaner/than/Daniel’s 3. longer/than/mine 4. thinner/than as/tall/as P.3 The watch is (s) but it is the computer, (e) . Circle(15 分,每題 3 分) 圈選正確的代名詞。 1. Mom: Did you see any kangaroos during the trip? Son: Yes, I saw ( one / it ). 2. There was a cup next to my computer, but now I don’t see ( one / it ). 3. I don’t like those green skirts. Would you please show me some blue ( one / ones )? 4. Peter: Do you like these songs? Jim: No, I don’t like ( ones / them ). 5. I have a book about animals. You can borrow ( one / it ) when you want. borrow 借(入) Read and Write(9 分,每題 3 分) 依提示造句。 1. Mandy is 155 cm. Tommy is 167 cm.(用 tall 的比較級) 2. Having a good night’s sleep is important. Studying is important, too. (用 as... as... 合併句子) 3. Toby is better than Gary at playing the guitar.(依畫線部分造原問句) 解答 Ⅲ Look and Fill In 5. smaller/than/more/expensive Ⅳ Circle 1. one 2. it 3. ones 4. them 5. it Ⅴ Read and Write 1. Tommy is taller than Mandy. 2. Having a good night’s sleep is as important as studying. 3. Who is better than Gary at playing the guitar? P.4 Read and Choose(12 分,每題 6 分) 題組測驗。 In the 1500s, tailors in Genoa, Italy, made really strong pants for sailors to wear. They used a special cloth, so the sailors could wear the pants in bad weather. They were the first jeans. Around the same time, tailors in France made jeans with denim. The cloth was as strong as the one from Genoa. In the 1850s, Levi Strauss brought denim to the USA. Around 20 years later, Jacob Davis, a tailor, bought denim from Strauss and used it to make pants. Many workers bought them because they were stronger than any cloth out there. Jeans were expensive in the 1980s. Fashion designers like Gloria Vanderbilt made special jeans with their names on them. Many people wore them because they wanted to be fashionable. Now, people, both young and old, love to have a pair of fashionable jeans. They wear them to be in fashion. tailor 裁縫師 sailor 水手 cloth 布料 denim 牛仔布 designer 設計師 主旨判斷 ( ) 1. What is the reading mainly about? mainly 主要地 (A) The story of jeans. (B) The first pair of pants. (C) The price of making jeans. (D) Famous fashion designers. 細節掃描 ( ) 2. Which is NOT true? (A) People wore jeans because they lasted in bad weather. (B) Levi Strauss used thin cloth to make jeans for workers in the USA. (C) Gloria Vanderbilt jeans were more fashionable, but they also cost more. (D) In the 1500s, tailors in France didn’t use the same cloth to make jeans as those in Italy. 解答 Read and Choose 1. A 2. B P.5 Lesson 2 This Must Be the Oldest Machine in Your Store Look and Write(14 分,每題 2 分) 文意字彙。 1. Let’s take a rest and listen to some music on the r o. 2. Lisa didn’t finish her milk, so she put it back into the r or. 3. David: What time is it? Sara: I don’t know. My watch is b n. 4. Henry doesn’t wash his clothes by hand because he uses a washing m ne. 5. I left my pens in my desk d er at home, so I had to use Toby’s pen at school. 6. Gary likes that singer a lot because she has a very beautiful v ce. 7. You can press the blue b n to start the video. press 按 Write(16 分,每題 2 分) 寫出下列形容詞的最高級。 1. fast 2. cute 3. little 4. dirty 5. healthy 6. bad 7. thin 8. importa

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