Form 49.11-F Rule 49.11 (1)(a)(ii) Form of certificate of arrestment of ship to found jurisdiction CERTIFICATE OF EXECUTION OF ARRESTMENT OF SHIP TO FOUND JURISDICTION I, (name), Sheriff Officer, certify that I, by virtue of an interlocutor of the Sheriff at (place) on (date) containing a warrant for arrestment to found jurisdiction, executed an arrestment of the ship (name) at the instance of (name and address of pursuer) against (name and address of defender) by affixing the schedule of arrestment to the mainmast [or as the case may be] of the ship (name) and marked the initials ER above that affixed schedule at (place) on (date). I did this in the presence of (name, occupation and address of witness). (Signed) Sheriff Officer (Address) (Signed) Witness

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