Investigation Report of Yanbian XX Network Technology Co., Ltd. 1. General situation of XX company (1) Enterprise history and organizational structure 2000On May 19, 2000, Lianzhong Internet Cafe in Yanji City, as the first Internet cafe in Yanbian area, officially opened, which opened the curtain of the development of Internet cafe in this area.On October 18, 2001, the establishment of Yanbian Dawning Network Technology Co., Ltd. introduced the enterprise management and development strategy into the Internet Cafe industry, indicating the direction of the development of Internet Cafe industrialization.On April 1, 2004, Lianbian Dawn Network Technology Co., Ltd., which has excellent Internet cafe management ideas and brand advantages, was formally merged with Yanbian Dawn Network Technology Co., Ltd. which has the concept of industrialization development, and was registered to establish Yanbian XX Network Technology Co., Ltd. in March 2005.The company's registered trademark is "xx", and the Internet Cafe brand used is "xx Internet cafe".At present, the company has 46 Internet cafes, three branches - XX Internet cafe management company, XX advertising media company, XX catering company. Yanbian XX Network Technology Co., Ltd. is under the collective leadership of the board of directors, and the general manager is responsible for the daily operation of the management system.The board of directors has the functions of leadership and supervision over the general manager and management's business behavior, personnel management and fund operation.Under the leadership of directors as the core, the company has a board of directors office, President office, general manager office, comprehensive office, finance department, human resources department, technology center, business department, catering department and other functional departments. Over the past few years, under the leadership of the board of directors and under the careful management of the management team headed by the general manager, the company and its branches have made considerable progress, accumulated valuable experience, and summed up a set of mature management and management mode of Internet cafes.Yanbian region's unique language advantages of Korean and Japanese and the ability to provide resources have become one of the important pillars of XX Internet cafes moving towards the whole province.Over the past few years, the company has been making unremitting efforts to innovate its service form, establish its profit model, develop its content services, build its application system, build its image and organize its e-sports activities, which are all related to the development of the Internet Cafe industry. It has become a solid foundation and support for the company's future development.On February 21, 2006, the Ministry of Culture and Jilin Provincial Department of Culture officially approved Yanbian XX Network Technology Co., Ltd. as a chain operation enterprise of Internet Internet service business places in Jilin Province. So far, the company has become one of the three enterprises with the qualification of developing Internet cafe chain operation in Jilin Province.At present, the company earnestly implements and implements the relevant national industry policies and regulations, actively responds to the calls of the national and local cultural, industrial and commercial, public security, fire protection, health and other government functional departments, and actively participates in various public welfare undertakings.Under the leadership of the board of directors, the road of XX will be wider and wider, and the future of XX will be more brilliant. (2) Corporate Image (1) The basic explanation of "xx" is that "working together makes it easier to succeed." (2) The word "Yi" in "xx" also stands for "E" in English, which means that Yanbian XX is an enterprise operating on the basis of Internet and the development and application of new internet. (3) Under the background of information age, XX provides highquality Internet services for the masses of the people, focusing on the enterprise goal of "liaison" as the basis and "easy" as the pursuit. (4) Liaison embodies the essence of information sharing. Through efforts to integrate computer networks, information wealth, production needs, leisure and entertainment, knowledge updating and other elements of the new economic era, it provides people from all walks of life with creative work a

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