Brandom Curriculum Vitae Robert Boyce Brandom Addresses Office Philosophy Department 1001 Cathedral of Learning University of Pittsburgh Pittsburgh, PA 15260 U.S.A. Home 1118 King Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 15206-1437 U.S.A ORCID 0000-0001-5478-8567 Telephone Office: 412-624-5776 Fax: 412-624-5377 Home: 412-661-6190 Email Web 8Sj_sG7wUg7Sg Academic Positions Distinguished Professor of Philosophy, University of Pittsburgh (2007-present) Fellow, Center for the Philosophy of Science, University of Pittsburgh (1977–present) Spinoza Chair, University of Amsterdam (2021) Cardinal Mercier Chair, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (2020) Leibniz Professor, Universität Leipzig (2008) Fellow, All Souls College, Oxford (2006) Fellow, Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences Stanford University (2002-2003) Distinguished Service Professor of Philosophy, University of Pittsburgh (1998-2006) Professor, Philosophy Department, University of Pittsburgh (1991–1998) Associate Professor, Philosophy Department, University of Pittsburgh (1981–1990) Assistant Professor, Philosophy Department, University of Pittsburgh (1976–1981) 1 Brandom Honors and Awards Fellow, British Academy (elected 2018) Fellow, American Academy of Arts and Sciences (elected 2000) Anneliese Maier Forschungspreis, Alexander von Humboldt Stiftung (€ 250,000) (2014) Distinguished Achievement in the Humanities Award, Andrew W. Mellon Foundation ($1,500,000) (2004) Jean-Pierre Barricelli Book Prize, (for A Spirit of Trust), best book on Romanticism International Conference on Romanticism (2019) Education Ph.D. Philosophy: 1977, Princeton University Thesis: Practice and Object Directors: Richard Rorty and David K. Lewis Porter Ogden Jacobus Fellow, Princeton, 1975–76 Whiting Fellow, 1974–76 B.A. 1972, Yale University Summa cum laude Honors with Exceptional Distinction, Philosophy Phi Beta Kappa, 1971 Languages English: Native Speaker German: Reading French: Reading Python Erdős Number: 5 2 Brandom Publications Books: 1. A Spirit of Trust: A Reading of Hegel’s Phenomenology Harvard University Press, 2019. 836 pages. ISBN#9780674976818 Chinese translation in preparation. French translation in preparation. Im Geiste des Vertrauens: Eine Lektüre der Phänomenologie des Geistes Aus dem Amerikanischen von Sebastian Koth und Aaron Shoichet Suhrkamp Verlag, forthcoming, September 2021. 1000 pages. ISBN: 978-3-518-58769-0 German translation of A Spirit of Trust 3 Brandom 2. In the Space of Reason: Inferentialism, Normative Pragmatism, and Metalinguistic Expressivism The 2018 Dewey Lectures at Fudan University, Shanghai, China Ning Sun, Jing Zhou, Yuanfan Huang, Jie Wen, translators Shanghai People’s Publishing House, 2019 ISBN#978-7208158337 3. Heroism and Magnanimity: The Post-Modern Form of Self-Conscious Agency The Aquinas Lecture, 2019 Marquette University Press, 2019 ISBN#978-0874621938 4. Wiedererinnerter Idealismus Suhrkamp Verlag, 2015 ISBN#978-3-518-29704-9 4 Brandom 5. From Empiricism to Expressivism: Brandom Reads Sellars Harvard University Press, 2015 ISBN#978-0-674-18728-3 6. Perspectives on Pragmatism: Classical, Recent, and Contemporary Harvard University Press, 2011 ISBN#978-0-674-05808-8 『プラグマティズム どこから来て、どこへ行くのか』 (Perspectives on Pragmatism: Classical, Recent, and Contemporary) (Where Does Pragmatism Come From and Where Does It Go) 5 Brandom Translated by 加藤隆文 (KATO Takafumi), 田中凌 (TANAKA Ryo), 朱喜哲 (JU Heechul), 三木那由他 (MIKI, Nayuta) Publisher: 勁草書房 (Keiso Shobo) Publishing Date: November 2nd 2020 上巻 (Volume 1) ISBN-13 : 978-4326199808 下巻 (Volume 2) ISBN-13 : 978-4326199815 7. Reason in Philosophy: Animating Ideas Harvard University Press, 2009, 248 pp. ISBN#0-674-03449-X La Raison en Philosophie: Donne vie aux idées French translation of Reason in Philosophy Traduit par le Groupe de travail Brandom: Solal Azoulay, Sofia Batko, Adrien Carpentier, Pierre-Henri Castel, Maxime Diveu, Ulysse Jacquin, Carlos Malache Silva, Vincent Mussat, Pierre-François Mouraud, Manon Poinsignon, Valentin Rio et Adèle Rugini Ithaque, 2020 ISBN 978-2-490350-08-7 6 Brandom 8. Between Saying and Doing: Towards an Analytic Pragmatism (The 2006 Oxford John Locke Lectures) Oxford University Press, 2008, 240 pp. ISBN#0-199-54287-2 Między mówieniem a działaniem nowość: W stronę analitycznego pragmatyzmu (Polish translation of Between Saying and Doing) M

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