Updated February 21st 2022 - Page 1/25 THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA Curriculum Vitae for Faculty Members Date:2021-October-06 1. SURNAME: Pennefather 2. DEPARTMENT/SCHOOL: Theatre & Film 3. FACULTY: Arts 4. PRESENT RANK: Assistant Professor 5. POST-SECONDARY EDUCATION University or Institution Simon Fraser University Simon Fraser University York University Initials: PP FIRST NAME: Patrick MIDDLE NAME(S): Degree PhD MFA BFA SINCE: 2018-July-01 Subject Area Educational Technology and Learning Design Interdisciplinary Studies Music Performance & Composition Dates 2013- 2016 1993 - 1995 1989 - 1992 Special Professional Qualifications 2008 2015 CELTA Certification (Cambridge English Language Teacher Accreditation) SCRUM Project Management Certification (other) Professional Development Aug. 22nd 2017 Sept. 23rd 2017 July 13th 2018 January 21st 2019 January 27th 2022 MDM Program Equity Diversity and Sensitivity Training, SFU FCAT. MDM Program Managing Unconscious Bias Workshop, SFU FCAT. MDM Program Crisis Communication Workshop, SFU FCAT. TCPS 2, Course on Research Ethics, Government of Canada. Decolonizing Practices, Nahanee Creative, CeDAR Research Cluster, UBC. Updated February 21st, 2022 Page 2/25 6. EMPLOYMENT RECORD (a) Prior to coming to UBC (see publication record for more detail) University, Company or Organization Rank or Title Dates (Below is a partial list. See Sound Research Creation for entire list.) Bard on the Beach Arts Club Small Stage Dancers Dancing Vancouver Art Gallery Electric Company Theatre Carousel Theatre PI Theatre InTransit BC Erasga Dance Virtual Stage Vancouver East Cultural Centre, Touchstone Theatre Theatre La Siezieme Bravo Television Master of Digital Media Program (UBC, ECUAD, BCIT, SFU) appointment with Simon Fraser University Small Stage Sound Design & Composition for Live Dance, Theatre, Television and immersive media. Feb. 1987 – July 2018 Continuing Senior Lecturer Sept. 2009- July 2018 February 2015 – July 2018 UBC Extended Learning Technology Producer (Mixed Reality, Sound Designer, Composer in Residence) Guest Instructor Ryerson University Guest Instructor Cossette Communications Palmer Jarvis DDB Ringmaster Clown Performance Trainer Content Producer July 2017 August 2017 April 2012-May 2012 June 1998January 2007 (b) At UBC Rank or Title Assistant Professor (Dept. of Theatre & Film) Adjunct (Sauder School of Business): Strategic Design Adjunct (Theatre & Film, Design & Production): Sound Design 8. Dates July 1st 2018 - present January 2015 - April 2015 September 2006 – April 2008 TEACHING (a) Areas of special interest and accomplishments Facilitating learning within project-based courses with team-based project assignments. Courses have included:  Sound design for live dance and theatre as well as podcast, vidcast, animation and games;  Immersive technology development (virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality);  Improvisation for digital media graduate students to improve collaboration, creativity and management. Updated February 21st, 2022 Page 3/25 Outcomes include the development of collaborative and self-regulatory capacities aligned with 21 st Century competencies. (b) Courses Taught at UBC: Notes: In 399S and 499S (sound design) practica courses students interchange roles including sound operation, assistant sound designing and lead sound designing. Students are mentored regarding research, sound sourcing, production meetings, designing a speaker plot, meetings with the director, technical rehearsals, weekly status updates, in-person tutorials on how to use specialized equipment and software, and remote mentoring through social channels. Quantified hours shown are the total hours spent mentoring students for W1 and W2 rather than a weekly ‘average’. THTR399E: Upper year Collaborative Prototyping THTR308: Sound Design for Live and Virtual Media THTR399s/499s (sound design): upper year 3 and 6 credit sound design mentoring on live and virtual productions. DMED502: Interdisciplinary Improvisation course in the Master of Digital Media Program Session Course Number Weekly Scheduled Hours Class Size Hours Taught Weekly Avg. Total hours taught W1+W2 (399S, 499S) Labs (Project Supervision & Mentoring) 2021W1 + 2 Sept-April THTR399S THTR499S NSM NSM 8 3 varies varies 115 100 2021W1 Sept-Dec. THTR308 DMED 502 3 6 43 48 3 6 2020 W1 +2 Sept-April 2020W1 Sept-Dec THTR399E THTR499S THTR308 DMED502 3 NSM 3

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