Women of Color and the Law (POS4931) Spring 2021 Dr. Sharon Austin Professor of Political Science The University of Florida Contact Information: Office Hours: Office: 203 Anderson Hall Email address: polssdw@ufl.edu Wednesdays 11am-2pm online or by appointment Phone number: (352) 870-1352 Course Description: This asynchronous course will examine the experiences of women in the legal profession and the courts with an emphasis on racial and ethnic minority women. In this course, we will examine the impact of race and ethnicity on the legal status and outcomes of minority women. We will primarily examine the experiences of African American women, but will also study issues that affect Latinas, Asian American women, immigrant women of color, and Native American women. The modules will address the following topics: 1) criminal justice and incarceration; 2) educational discrimination; 3) employment discrimination; 4) immigration issues; 5) language discrimination; 6) reproductive rights and domestic violence; 7) understanding the law school process and entering the profession; and 8) the trafficking and exploitation of women of color. The instructor will post eight 10-15 minute lectures and students will watch documentaries, participate in discussion posts, and complete required readings. This course meets requirements for the African American Studies and Political Science majors, the Asian American Studies minor, and as an outside course for Women’s Studies majors and minors. Course Objectives: 1) Learn the correct method for briefing cases. 2) Analyze racial and ethnic issues raised in law review and other scholarly articles. 3) Examine theories that assess the experience of women of color such as critical race theory, feminist theories, implicit bias theories, the theory of intersectionality, and womanist theories. 4) Understand the challenges that women of color experience in the legal arena as professors, attorneys, plaintiffs, and defendants. Required Textbooks: 1. Cynthia Bowman, Laura Rosenbury, Deborah Tuerkheimer, Kimberly Yuracko. Feminist Jurispridence. Cases and Materials. Fifth Edition. New York: West Academic Press, 2018. 2. Asian American Women: Issues, Concerns and Responsive Human and Civil Rights Advocacy can be found on reserve and at the link below: https://aapip.org/sites/default/files/publication/files/aawp_full_reports.pdf. Course Requirements: 1. Introduction Post (3% of Grade) January 15th due date. In one or two paragraphs, introduce yourself and explain why you have registered for this course. 2. Syllabus Acknowledgment and Acceptance (2% of Grade) January 15th due date. Please sign and date the information below and upload it to canvas. I ___________________________ have carefully read the syllabus in its entirety and agree with the requirements, policies, and all other terms. I have asked clarifying questions to ensure that I understand what I read. Signature: ________________________ Date: _____________ 3. Briefs of Cases: Students must brief the cases listed on the syllabus. (20% of Grade) 4. Participation in the 5 Open-Book Discussion Posts (6% each of 30% combined of Grade) You must post your comments on the questions on or before the dates they are due. Also, your grade will be based on your ability to support your opinions with references from the readings. 5. Three Quizzes (10% each or 30% of Grade) Each of the exams will consist of three essay questions. Each test will have three essay questions - two of which are worth 40 points and one worth 20 points. Your grade will be based on your knowledge of the readings and ability to analyze them. 6. Chesterfield Smith Women in the Legal Profession Essay (15% of Grade) Submit a 6-8 page essay that summarizes the major themes mentioned by the panelists at the “Legacy of Chesterfield Smith” panel discussion and in the readings from the Smith collection. Module 1 Historical Considerations and Constitutional Equality    Objectives: Study the discrimination that women faced before the modern women’s movement. Define the concepts of intermediate and strict scrutiny. Understand the difference between disparate impact and disparate treatment. To Do List during the first week of class: 1) Introduction Post: In one or two paragraphs, introduce yourself and explain why you have registered for this course. Also respond to two of your classmates’ posts. by 11:59pm January 15, 2021. 2) Syllabus Acknowledgment and Acceptance: Please sign and d

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