(Published in the Pittsburg Morning Sun, Aug. 18, Aug. 25, and Sept. 1, 2021) IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF CRAWFORD COUNTY, KANSAS Board of County Commissioners Crawford County, Kansas Plaintiff vs. Case No.15CV44G Maxine V. Adcock; Maxine Adcock; Anne M. Gergen; Stephen L. Scott; Gary A. Branstetter; Defendants Rita A. Williams; Arenda Kief; Joy Rittenhouse; Birdie Buckles; Dolores Shackelford; Carver League Inc.; William R. Crozier, Trustee of the William R. Crozier Living Trust Dated 5/16/2005; Mary L Crozier; Gulfeagle Supply; Landmark National Bank; Ishmael W Cunningham; Elsie Cunningham; The First State Bank and Trust Company; Lacinta D. Delmont; James N Gandy, Jr.; Rottinghaus R.E., LLC; Jeremy Edward Gideon; Francis Jean Maria Gideon; Richard E. Kautz; Nancy J. Kautz; Jayne A. Kautz; Gold Bank; Cora C. Smith; City of Arma, Kansas; Dennis P. Masterson; Barbara J. Masterson; Wilma Mays; City of Pittsburg; Tonya Lynn Moore; Tonya Lynn Deveney; Ruth Turney; Styled SRS; Nancy Ann Murphy; Patrick Steven Murphy; Juanita M O’Brien; Joseph E. O’Brien; Tamara L. Lee; Marceline JoeAnn Phillips Revocable Trust; David Duane Phillips; David James Phillips; Phillips Trust; First Mutual Bank by FS; Roy Puffenbarger; Roy L. Poffenbarger; The First Nation Bank of Girard; Earest Sanchez; Marilyn Sanchez; Donna L. Florence; Dennis Stefonek; Josie Stefonek; Michael Sturgell; SRS and eatl.; Michael D Sturgell; John Tharp; Martha Tharp; Kim Palmer; Kim Merando; Ron Wuerdeman; Geri Lynn Wuerdeman; Ron D. Wuerdeman; Richard Beachner; Deborah A Beachner; Richard F. Beachner; Bradgood Investments, LLC; N. Dean Carroll; Charlotte F. Carroll; Girard National Bank; Colleen Chastain; Stacey R Mingori; Zeb Mingori; Renee Cicero; Cody Cicero; Sunset Manor; Richard Cicero; Larry Lee Clelland; Nancy Wimmer; Thomas L. Clelland; Gene Goff; Kristin Collins; Talayna Coulter;; Gary Horton, Jr.; Leanne Y. Keeling; Marvin L. Keeling; Karrie L. Lemley; Scott Kesinger; Exchange State Bank; Seon Kim; Kyung Kim; Albert Allen McCool; Mary Catherine McCool; Graig A Moore; Kenneth J. Ossana; Bruce Bartley; Julie Bartley; Marlene Marie Overdorf; Thomas Morse; W.G. Redford; Elizabeth Redford; R.S. Reynolds; Randy D Russell; Paula J Russell; Community National Bank; Jean Marie Strode; William C. Strode; Raymond Lee Trumbule; Iva Lee Trumbule; US. Com, Inv. Inc.; Walter Schulte; Lisa D. Schulte; Melvin L. Guy; Stella L. Guy; Rex A West; Angel West; Community Builders; U.S. Dept. of Housing; Merl Wood; Norma L. Wood; Dalena M. Wendel; Victor F. Graham; American General Financial Services; Fern G. Graham; All tenants in possession, and the unknown heirs, executors, administrators, devisees, creditors, trustees and assigns of such of the defendants as may be deceased; the unknown spouses of the defendants; the unknown executors, administrators, devisees, trustees, creditors, successors and assigns of such defendants as are or were partners or in partnership; the unknown guardians and trustees of such of the defendants as are minors or in any wise under legal disability. NOTICE OF SHERIFF’S SALE By virtue of an Order of Sale issued to me directed and delivered, issued out of the District Court of Crawford County, Kansas, sitting at Girard, I will, on the 24th day of September, 2021, at 1:00 p.m. of said day, in the District Courtroom, 3rd Floor, Crawford County Courthouse, Girard, Kansas, offer at public sale and sell to the highest bidder for cash in hand, all the right, title, and interest of the following described tracts, lots or pieces of real estate situated in the County of Crawford, State of Kansas, or any part thereof, attached hereto and marked Exhibit A, said property to be sold as property of the above named Defendants. Sheriff of Crawford County, Kansas James L. Emerson #15701 P. O. Box 68 Girard, Kansas 66743 (620) 724-6390 Attorney for Plaintiff EXHIBIT A Name of Owner Or Parties Claiming Any Interest Year Of Sale Amount Of Taxes, Charges, Interest & Penalties Court Costs $313.70 $200 No. Description 1 Part of the East Half of Lot 1 in Albert S. Warren’s Subdivision of Southwest Quarter Of Section 19, lying South and West of Railroad Right of way, being South 98 feet of East 151.5 Feet of Lot 1. Maxine V. Adcock Maxine Adcock Anne M. Gergen Stephen L. Scott 2012 Lots Numbered Six (6) and Seven (7) in Block Number Forty Two (42), in the Town of Hepler, Crawford County, Kansas, according to the Recorded Plat thereof. Gary A. Branstetter Ri

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