COUNTY OF PRINCE GEORGE, VIRGINIA BOARD OF SUPERVISORS Floyd M. Brown, Jr. – Chairman Marlene J. Waymack – Vice Chair Alan R. Carmichael Donald R. Hunter T.J. Webb Percy C. Ashcraft County Administrator Phone: (804) 722- 8600 Facsimile: (804) 7323604 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE November 29, 2021 For further information contact: Donna Prince – (804) 722-8629 Email: EXTENSION OF TIME FOR COMPLETION OF 2023 GENERAL REASSESSMENT FOR PRINCE GEORGE COUNTY PRINCE GEORGE, VA - Pursuant to the Order entered in the Prince George County Circuit Court on November 29, 2021, the Real Estate Assessor’s Office shall have until March 31, 2022 to complete the 2023 general reassessment, as provided in Virginia Code § 58.1-3257. The Real Estate Assessor’s office will be mailing Assessment Notices to all property owners at the point of completion of the 2023 general reassessment. The time extension was required for the completed installation of new software and staff training for the Assessor’s office to provide increased annual review efficiency in our growing community. More information regarding the extension is available in the County Assessor’s Office (Tel. 804-722-8629), 6602 Courts Drive, Prince George, Virginia. ###

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