State SA SA SA SA Electorate Adelaide Adelaide Adelaide Adelaide Grant Amount $ 12,000 $ 6,000 $ 10,909 $ 12,000 SA Adelaide $ 12,000 VIC VIC Aston Aston $ $ 6,500 10,450 VIC VIC Aston Aston $ $ 12,000 12,000 VIC Aston $ 6,200 VIC Aston $ 12,000 VIC Ballarat $ 7,822 VIC Ballarat $ 12,000 VIC VIC VIC VIC VIC QLD QLD Ballarat Ballarat Ballarat Ballarat Ballarat Brisbane Brisbane $ $ $ $ $ $ $ 9,440 5,033 6,958 12,000 10,050 5,000 9,900 QLD QLD Brisbane Brisbane $ $ 11,300 10,841 QLD QLD QLD Brisbane Brisbane Brisbane $ $ $ 5,000 12,000 12,000 VIC VIC Bruce Bruce $ $ 9,879 6,109 VIC Bruce $ 12,000 Grant Recipient ANZANO SOCIAL CLUB Unley Park Sports Club RICHMOND BAPTIST CHURCH INC Faithworks Ministries Incorporated THE LADY GOWRIE CHILD CENTRE INCORPORATED GERMAN SHEPHERD DOG CLUB OF VICTORIA INC EASTERN BRANCH ACTS GLOBAL CHURCHES LIMITED ATHLETICS KNOX BOARD OF MANAGEMENT INC. EILDON PARK TENNIS CLUB INC. LUTHERAN CHURCH OF AUSTRALIA VICTORIAN DISTRICT THE UNITING CHURCH IN AUSTRALIA PROPERTY TRUST (VICTORIA) GOLDEN CITY PADDLE STEAMER MUSEUM SOCIETY INC. ST. JOHN AMBULANCE AUSTRALIA (VICTORIA) INC. MOUNT PROSPECT DISTRICT TENNIS ASSOCIATION INC BALLARAT FOUNDATION UNITED WAY INC CLUNES BOWLING CLUB INC. Russell Square Community Sports' Centre THE LIONS CLUB OF BACCHUS MARSH INC WINDSOR BOWLS CLUB INC RED HILL COMMUNITY SPORTS CLUB INC. BRISBANE NORTH JUNIOR CRICKET ASSOCIATION INCORPORATED COMMUNIFY QUEENSLAND LTD The Creche and Kindergarten Association Limited NEW FARM BOWLS CLUB INC BRISBANE ARTS THEATRE WELLSPRINGS FOR WOMEN INCORPORATED South East Community Links ISLAMIC EDUCATION & WELFARE ASSOCIATION OF DANDENONG ST MARYS CATHOLIC CHURCH Project Description Anzano Solar Panel Barton Room Air Conditioning Solar PV System Solar panels for Faithworks Food Assist Upgrade non-LED lighting to energy efficient LED lighting Installation of Solar Panels Air Conditioning Upgrades Installation of Solar Panels and Battery Storage at Knox Athletic Track Solar panels Installation of Solar Panels Installation of solar PV equipment for FTG Uniting Church Installing solar system & battery storage Solar Panel installation for St John’s Ballarat first aid training venue Installation of Solar Panels Chatham House air conditioning upgrade Upgrading Kitchen Appliances Installation of solar panel system Solar Power to Local Unit Facility New Refrigeration units Install LED light fittings Install solar system Install solar panels Install LED fittings at C&K Herston Road Rooftop solar energy system Install solar panels Increasing Solar Power and Efficient Lighting Energy Saving Lights Project Solar

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