POC-LED ORGANIZATION GRANT Final Reporting Template Project Title: PoC-led Organization: Actual Location of Implementation: Actual Implementation Period: Actual Target Population: Actual # of Direct Beneficiaries (desegregated by age/gender) who benefited from the project: Actual # of Indirect Beneficiaries who benefited from the project: Please also briefly explain who they are, ex. member of the community, extended family etc. Actual Expenditures Incurred (vs. Budget) in USD and local currency (using planning exchange rate): A. To be filled out by the PoC-Led Organization Actual activities implemented (incl. modalities of implementation): Overall impact of the project:  Short-term  Long-term Lessons Learned: 1. Achievements: 2. Challenges: 3. Future Opportunities: Photos (with captions): Other remarks: B. To be filled out by the relevant UNHCR office Project #: CC and Budget Chart-Field: Objective: Please which COMPASS objective that this project relates to POC-LED ORGANIZATION GRANT Final Reporting Template Capacity-building and support provided by UNHCR: Monitoring carried out: Date Participants Methodology (ex. FGD, Participatory Monitoring, etc.) Overall assessment of the project: Assessment of safeguards in place (SEA, SH, Fraud): Report timely submitted: Observations

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