PhD Write-Up Bursaries 2022 Background 1. A limited number of write-up bursaries are being offered to address the problems being encountered by full-time PhD students who are near to completing their theses yet who find themselves, for whatever reason, without funding. There is no quota for awards in any of the Colleges. 2. These write-up bursaries will be tenable for up to a three-month period and will be worth €1,000 per month. Eligibility 3. Students who received a PhD write up bursary previously will be deemed ineligible. 4. Students who are in receipt of funding of any kind between June – August 2022 will be deemed ineligible. *The only exception is where a student is in receipt of HEA Costed Extension funding up to June/July 2022. If the application is successful, student will be entitled to receive bursary for months not covered by HEA Costed Extension. 5. Only full-time students will be eligible to apply for a write-up bursary. 6. Applications from students will be considered if: * in the Colleges of Arts, Social Sciences and Celtic Studies or Business, Public Policy and Law, they have a full draft of their thesis completed. * in the Colleges of Science and Engineering, Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences, they have a full draft of the methodology and materials and all the results chapters. 7. Confirmation that the draft as outlined in 6 above, must be communicated in writing by the student’s supervisor and a member of Graduate Research Committee (GRC) as part of the application. 8. Students, as a result of the assistance provided by their write-up bursaries, will submit their softbound theses for examination on or before 30 September 2022. Award criteria 9. To be awarded a write-up bursary, a detailed completion plan must be submitted which establishes specific goals towards completion over the period of the bursary. The quality and credibility of the completion plan will be a significant determinant in ranking applications. 10. Preference may be given to those who have not been in receipt of funding for the previous nine months. Conditions of Appointment 11. The period of tenure of the write-up bursaries will be June to August 2022. 12. During the period of the write-up bursary, the bursary holder may not engage in any other paid work. 13. Awardees must have an Irish bank account and PPS number. 14. The payment of any subsequent monthly instalments of the bursary (maximum three months) will be contingent on the progress being made by the bursary holder, such progress to be assessed by the thesis supervisor, and to be communicated in writing to the Graduate Studies Office (email: 15. Awardees must attend the online workshop ‘First draft to finished’ which we expect to take place in early June. To be confirmed when awarding bursaries mid-May. Closing date for applications 16. Complete Applications (including application form and Form B) must be received by the College Office, by Friday, 22nd April 2022 before 5pm. Page 1 of 4 APPLICATION FORM (To be typed (MS Word version), signed, and printed, or printed (PDF version) and completed in Block Capitals using black ink) Surname of Applicant 1. (as per University Registration): 2. First Name(s) 3. Student I.D. No.: 4. Phone No.: 5. Email address: 6. Postal Address: 7. Year of Study: 8. Discipline or Research Centre: 9. Title of Thesis 10. Research Supervisor(s): 11. Are you a full or part-time student? 12. Are you currently in receipt of any Funding? Mobile No. Yes No Funding to date Give details of how you have funded your PhD to date. Full disclosure on your funding must be submitted, as incomplete information will render the application ineligible for consideration. Academic Year Name of Funder (e.g. 2015/16) (list if more than one funder in any year) Amount Received for Fees 13. Clearly indicate the date when you were last in receipt of funding. Page 2 of 4 Amount Received as a Stipend Reason(s) for Application Please set out your reasons for applying for a University Write Up Bursary 14. 15. Please provide a detailed completion plan (no more than three pages) that sets forth your specific goals, month by month, over the three-month period of the write-up bursary. This plan should be supplied on an additional page (or pages) to be appended to this form. 16. Your supervisor and a member of your Graduate Research Committee (GRC) must complete Form B and it must be emailed b

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