Report on Self-examination of Medical Ethics and Medical Style in Hospitals Medical ethics is the foundation of hospital establishment, the root of reputation and the action of revitalization. Next is the self-examination report of medical ethics carefully collected by Xiaobian for your reference. In order to further implement the medical ethics evaluation system and promote the construction of the style of work in the medical and health industry, under the correct leadership of the higher health authorities and in accordance with the unified deployment and requirements of the relevant documents, our hospital actively organizes self-examination in accordance with the evaluation criteria. The self-examination situation is summarized and reported as follows: I. Guiding Ideas Guided by Deng Xiaoping Theory, the important thought of "Three Representatives" and the spirit of the 17th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, we should implement the scientific concept of development in an all-round way so as to establish a socialist outlook on honor and disgrace, strengthen the construction of medical ethics, improve the professional ethics of medical personnel and safeguard the fundamental interests of the people. We should adhere to the principle of "who is in charge and who is responsible" and the principle of "treating both simultaneously".Guidelines symptoms should focus and on remedies standardizing medical service behavior, improving the quality of medical service and improving the attitude of medical service, focusing on the management of "kickbacks", "red envelopes", "bills of lading", "large prescriptions" and arbitrary charges, focusing on optimizing the medical service environment, closely linking the current situation of professional staff, strengthening education and training, improving the system, strengthening supervision, and serious discipline, and organizing.The majority of cadres and workers regulations, earnestly educate study and professional knowledge technology, correct health guide medical assiduously, working policies, attitude, laws staff study to and study professional enhance service awareness, improve the quality of medical services, seriously solve the outstanding problems existing in the ideological, organizational, working style and work of medical and health personnel, and solve the problems affecting the reform, development and stability of the unit.Setting, medical quality, internal management and other practical issues involving the vital interests of the masses, constantly enhancing the creativity, cohesion and fighting capacity of the medical and health team, establishing a good image of the industry, and carrying out medical services with the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine as the main purpose, in order to meet the basic medical service needs of the County People and ensure the health of the people's lives and bodies.Escort is the main target of work. 2. Carefully Organize and Strengthen Leadership In order to further strengthen hospital management, the leading group of the hospital held special meetings to study the specific methods and detailed work programme for the evaluation of medical ethics in the whole hospital.At the same time, the conference established a "Leading Group for Medical Ethics Assessment of Medical Personnel" in which the president personally acts as the group leader, the vice-president acts as the vice-group leader, and the head of the relevant functional departments is the member of the leading group. The office under the conference consists of the head of the hospital office and the head of the office of the leading group. The main working responsibilities and office responsibilities of the leading group are established.Effectively formed the working situation of grasping and co-managing from top to bottom, coordinating each other and playing a major role.And further improve the implementation rules of administrative accountability in Chinese medicine hospitals, establish and improve the reward and punishment medical work system, of regularly clinicians, and supervise carry out the various prescription evaluation, criticize the doctors who violate the rules, praise and commend the medical staff who receive golden banners and thank-you letters from patients and their families and refuse to accept performance.Doctors red who envelopes violate the for out

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