JAMES P. DONLEY – Whether as a CIO or CTO, I am an expert in making digital transformation a reality. I excel in organizations needing extra focus on people, process and technology improvements. I welcome extensive challenges and address them head on. Bethesda, MD 20816 · 301-728-5215 (cell) · [email protected] · linkedin.com/in/jamesdonley As a result of the latest crisis, the world as we know it has forever changed, with many organizations experiencing shortfalls in their processes, technology platforms and the cohesiveness of their teams to navigate these uncharted waters. This is where I come into play. I excel in mapping and executing on strategies that allow organizations to streamline and scale, improving upon existing processes, building resilient products and driving technology refreshes where applicable. I build, strengthen and empower tight-knit teams that produce results. None of this is done in a silo, as I depend on transparent partnerships with the business to execute on what will have the greatest impact. Selective Accomplishments  Strategic Leadership: Successfully led a digital transformation for a well-established print company seen as a startup in the technology space. Educated and instilled digital mindset in business partner and IT team. Petitioned for and orchestrated an infrastructure overhaul, reducing impacts on system availability from 760 minutes to 0 in 1 year.  Developing Teams: Built and managed numerous high performing empowered product, business support and infrastructure teams, overcoming credibility barriers to deliver game changing, quality solutions for internal and external customers. Led Habitat for Humanity home builds each year with 100% team participation.  Business partnerships: Established strong bonds by driving joint technology strategic plans and roadmaps with business input and creating a Project Portfolio process to provide transparency. Joined multiple school boards to better understand my customers. Conducted “What’s up in technology” all hands sessions for business functions.  Software Development: Released exciting new products into the edtech space, supporting $10m in new revenue and driving double-digit retention improvement. Increased release quality, dropping first time defects from 24% to 2% in 6 months. Partnered with numerous offshore teams, delivering market-changing products.  Information Systems/Technology: Spearheaded IT initiatives including large-scale, global process and cloud implementations such as ERP, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Call Center, Big Data, and Outsourcing, obtaining higher internal/external Customer Sat scores. Reached target of moving 95% of product and business systems to the cloud. Industry Experience Digital Transformation · Strategic Planning · Online Collaboration · Leadership/Empowerment · Data Privacy · Agile · AWS JIRA · SaaS · Diversity · Coaching · Mentoring · Portfolio/Product Management · Contract Negotiations · Data Analytics Independent Consultant , Bethesda, MD Education Industry CAREER HIGHLIGHTS 12/19 - pres CIO Advisor Rely on extensive technology experience to provide visionary guidance and deliver on tactical solutions.  Nobel Coaching and Tutoring, North Potomac, MD o Provide strategic direction on scaling an organization on an extensive growth trajectory. o Coach students on coding and soft skills attainment.  Gersh Academy for Students on the Autism Spectrum, West Hempstead, NY o Conducted IT assessments addressing IT strategy, infrastructure, applications, security and capabilities, o Assisted in validation of existing and software selection of future Learning Management System and CRM  Really Great Reading, Cabin John, MD o Driving edtech standards into the integration between internally developed products and school systems. Learning Without Tears, Cabin John, MD Education Industry; private company; $35M in revenue; 200 Employees; managed up to 25+ IT personnel Chief Technology Officer 02/16 - 09/19 First ever CTO tasked to lead a Digital transformation for a well-established publishing company seen as a startup in the technology space. No centralized IT and lacking core functions. Customer feedback, a prioritized strategic plan and roadmap visibly missing. (Cont.) James P. Donley · PAGE 2 · 301-728-5215 · [email protected]      Stood up a 25+ member team inc. offshore in short order by utilizing an existing network and actively pursuing candidates. Improved qua

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