We are OMES recognition summer 2021 May new hires – Welcome on board! Glad you have joined us. HUMAN CAPITAL MANAGEMENT Derek Rumer, Training Specialist. INFORMATION SERVICES Anupam Sarkar, Project Manager. Catherine Hafez, Service Desk Analyst. Topher Fatur, Executive Support Specialist. Daniel Alvarez, Executive Support Specialist. Emily Lair, Systems Analyst. Jacob Thomas, Network Specialist. Luvetta Abdullah, Compliance Specialist. Olajide Akinyele, Database Administrator. Victor Carneiro, Chief Technology Officer. May position changes – Congratulations! Keep up the good work. Elizabeth Luecke, Plan and Research Analyst to Senior Policy Analyst, Employees Group Insurance Division. Mary Kay Hampton, Compliance Analyst to Research and Resolution Specialist, Employees Group Insurance Division. Melissa Goree, Service Desk Technician to Group Management Specialist, Employees Group Insurance Division. Brittany Lee, Budget Analyst to Senior Financial Analyst, Finance. May longevity – Thank you! You are much appreciated. Sharon Saunders, 39 years of service. Elsa Kunnel, 36 years of service. Kanokpan Flinn, 20 years of service. Melissa Milburn, 20 years of service. Edward Condron, 10 years of service. Ibrahim Dia, 10 years of service. Zack Parker, 10 years of service. Shahzad Aman, 5 years of service. Arielle Ricksecker, 5 years of service. Brian Wright, 5 years of service. June new hires – Welcome on board! Glad you have joined us. ADMINISTRATION Robert Holk, Grants Management Office Director. William Loughridge, Temporary. CAPITAL ASSETS MANAGEMENT Brandi Evans, Lease Assistant. Tyshon Mason, Fleet Accounting Administrator. CENTRAL ACCOUNTING AND REPORTING Robert Thomas, Compliance Analyst. Talynn Portillo, Vendor Registration Specialist. Terri Jackson, HR Payroll Specialist. EMPLOYEES GROUP INSURANCE DIVISION Sasha Lewis, Former Employee Enrollment Specialist. FINANCE Wenhong Wu, Budget Analyst. HUMAN CAPITAL MANAGEMENT Madalyn Ball, Training Coordinator III. INFORMATION SERVICES Beau Welch, Security Provisioning Specialist. Christopher Nesbitt, Deputy General Counsel. Colton Eddy, Security Provisioning Specialist. Elizabeth Price, eDiscovery Specialist. Jami Vrbenec, Program Manager. Kyle Armstrong, Service Desk Technician. Rita Egelhoff, Service Desk Technician. Scott Campbell, Project Manager. Will El Assili, Security Analyst. June position changes – Congratulations! Keep up the good work. Melanie Lawrence, Member Research and Resolution Specialist to Accountant, Employees Group Insurance Division. Eric Taylor, Call Center Specialist to Group Management Specialist I, Employees Group Insurance Division. Franklin Antao, Agency IT Strategist to IT Manager, Information Services. Daniel Jensen, Service Desk Technician to Telecom Specialist, Information Services. Sharon Neal, Service Desk Technician to Security Provisioning Specialist, Information Services. Michael Taylor, Agency IT Strategist to Applications Support Specialist, Information Services. Joshua Walcher, Web Modernization Manager to Director of Modernization, Information Services. June longevity – Thank you! You are much appreciated. Jeannette Pascher, 45 years of service. Gary Beebe, 30 years of service. Steve Hargis, 30 years of service. Clint Morrow, 20 years of service. James Hall Jr., 20 years of service. David Williams, 15 years of service. Jonathan Tomlin, 15 years of service. Jon Wooten, 15 years of service. Catherine Dennis, 10 years of service. Robert Kennington, 10 years of service. Chrystal Justice, 5 years of service. Destiny Carson, 5 years of service. Justin Monjaras, 5 years of service. Kasey Boes, 5 years of service. Patricia Taylor, 5 years of service. July new hires – Welcome on board! Glad you have joined us. ADMINISTRATION Diedra O'Neil, Director of Business Optimization. Jay Doyle, Chief Innovation Officer. CAPITAL ASSETS MANAGEMENT Brian Jackson, Material Management Specialist. Darryl LeSure, Material Management Specialist. CENTRAL ACCOUNTING AND REPORTING Tonya Holman, HR Payroll Specialist. EMPLOYEES GROUP INSURANCE DIVISION Emily Wathan, Policy Analyst. Lisa Smith, Comptroller. Rachel Hershey, Call Center Specialist. Tiffany Perkins, Call Center Specialist. FINANCE Ashley Neel, Director of Finance. INFORMATION SERVICES Bradley Cline, Firewall Technician. Cassiopeia Radcliff, Project Manager. Evelyn Oliveira, Project Manager. Gerald Thibodeau, IT Manager. Jason Garrett, Sr. Director of Customer Success. Kaci Compton-Allen, P

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