Kristin Ta: Thank you for joining today's presentation on Beyond Grants and Contracts: Other Transactions. My name is Kristin Ta and I'm your moderator for the next 45 minutes. I'm pleased to present our other presenters or panelists. I'll let them go ahead and introduce themselves. Michelle Bulls: Good afternoon. This is Michelle Bulls, serving as the Director of the Office of Policy for Extramural Research Administration. Cory Upmeyer: This is Cory Upmeyer. I'm also in that office. Kristin Wegner: Good afternoon, everyone. Thank you for joining us today. My name is Kristin Wegner and I'm the Lead Policy Analyst for Other Transactions in OER OPERA. I'm just so .. . Michelle Bulls: So, thank .. . Oh. Go ahead. Kristin Wegner: No. Go ahead. Michelle Bulls: No. I was going to say just wanted to give everyone a shout-out and a welcome to all of our attendees. We are really excited to have you as a part of this presentation today. OPERA has added another function within its repertoire. So, you know us for our grants and cooperative agreements skills and we are excited to say that we have added Other Transactions, where we now have the pleasure of having oversight for the policy compliance and training functions of OTs here at NIH. It also serves as a central internal policy function, as I said. We provide the internal training as well we're doing the external training today, internal compliance where the ICs and the program officials at the various institutes and centers provide the external compliance. We also help with determining the appropriate awarding instrument, whether or not the OT is the appropriate awarding instrument to use, aside from our traditional ones, which are grants and cooperative agreements and contracts. And we also provide oversight and chair the Other Transaction Advisory Committee, where we have a plethora of highly functioning professionals, as you all know, here at the NIH, that lead and help us lead some of the OT areas. As well as we have our lead users that work with the eRA OT functionality. And then, we leverage and share resources through a formalized committee under OTAC, which is the Other Transactions Advisory Committee. Cory, you want to give a little bit about yourself now? Person: You're muted. Michelle Bulls: Off the mute. Cory Upmeyer: I apologize. Thank you, Michelle. My name is Cory Upmeyer and I've been in the federal government for about 24 years working as a Program Analyst, Grants Specialist Auditor, Contracting Officer Representative. I've kind of worn several hats, but I have several extensive experience in monitoring grants and FAR-based contracts and serving as a Contract Ops Representative in over seven agencies. I'm now in the National Institute of Health since late 1999, where I served as an Other Transaction Agreement Specialist for the All of Us Research Program and the Aim Ahead Research Program. I'm now an Other Transaction Policy Analyst for the Office of Policy for Extramural Research Administration, and I really enjoy working with my group to work on policy and training and...for OTs in the agency. Michelle Bulls: Thank you. Cory. Kristin? Kristin Wegner: Sure. Again, my name is Kristin Wegner and I'm the lead Policy Analyst here at the NIH. Prior to my current position, I had the opportunity to serve as an Other Transactions Agreement Specialist and an Other Transactions Agreement Officer throughout different ICs at the NIH. Overall, I kind of went 5 years of experience working in OT and have been honored to serve and work with Michelle and Kristin Ta in the Policy Division for the past 2 years. So, again, welcome and we're excited to have this time with you today. Michelle Bulls: Absolutely. Next slide. So, we are really excited because by the end of our time together this afternoon, our goal is that you will be able to actively identify Research Opportunity Announcements for OTs at the NIH, understand how NIH issues central internal policies versus how ICs and programs communicate external requirements, as well as locate NIH's contacts for Other Transactions. And like Kristin kind of talked about initially, we're going to be doing this in a panel style forum. And those of you that know me in the grants and cooperative agreement space, you all know I love to do Q and A's because I think, in my head, that I know exactly what you guys want to know and I'm really ready to tell you, but then I throw a curveball. So, this is going to be really exciting for me a

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