October 2021 Residents’ Birthdays: John Mottas – October 1st Mary Flail – October 3rd Trudy Deger – October 10th Harry Holtznagel – October 19th Helen DeBoyace – October 22nd Dorothy Garland – October 28th Brian Cohen – October 30th John Reilly – October 31st October, 10th month of the Gregorian calendar. Its name is derived from octo, Latin for “eight,” an indication of its position in the early Roman calendar. October Birthstone: When light hits the sphere structures in opal, the colors of the visible spectrum appear. In different lights, an opal’s rainbow fragments may shift and change, revealing luminous bright and dark colors for a fascinating display. OPAL FACTS & FOLKLORE Australian aboriginal tribes believed that opals were the Creator’s footprints on Earth. Necklaces with opals set in them were traditionally worn to repel evil and to protect eyesight. Opals are said to control one’s temper and calm nerves. A dream of an opal means that good luck will come. October Birth flower: Both October birth flowers— marigolds and cosmos—are colorful annuals that thrive in full sun. Learn the symbolism behind each flower! Marigolds traditionally symbolized despair and grief over a loved one. It may be surprising that such a cheerful flower is associated with the dead. However, for many cultures, its those neon-bright orange and yellow hues that represent the sunrays or light paths that guide their dearly departed. Cosmos are a symbol of order, October Birthdays In astrology, those born from October 1–23 balance the scales of Libra. Libras are peaceful and fair, and value balance and symmetry. For this reason, they often champion justice and equality. Those born from October 24–31 are Scorpions of Scorpio. Scorpios are passionate, dedicated, and resourceful. Scorpios may seem intimidating, but they are just no-nonsense people who value honesty and loyalty above all else. Donna Karan (designer) – Oct. 2, 1948 Chubby Checker (singer) – Oct. 3, 1941 Chevy Chase (comedian) – Oct. 8, 1943 Henry Heinz (food magnate) – Oct. 11, 1844 Marie Osmond (entertainer) – Oct. 13, 1959 Penny Marshall (director) – Oct. 15, 1943 Naomi Osaka (tennis star) – Oct. 16, 1997 Kamala Harris (vice president) – Oct. 20, 1964 Pele (soccer player) – Oct. 23, 1940 Jonas Salk (doctor) – Oct. 28, 1914 John Candy (comedian) – Oct. 31, 1950 Staff Birthdays: Kaylynn Schwab – October 1st Jamie Wilkerson – October 3rd Madeline Cantor- October 15th Carmela Morales – October 16th Ximera Dias – October 17th Leothie Pierre- Michel – October 17th Jeanne Cortes – October 19th Emmeline Charles – October 25th Hadassa Pierre – October 25th Emanuel Rhanes – October 25th The Team at Allegria AL Communicator Administrator Jennifer Ridgeway Director of Nursing Cheryl DeShields Assistant Director of Nursing Rosemary Siddall Food Service Director Jake Mincey October Events Human Resources Director Dolly McCrink 10-05 Dollar Store Outing Housekeeping Director James Francis Maintenance Director Marc Mackiewicz Activities Director Susan Mantz 10-08 Happy Hour with Gary (FSL) 10—11 Columbus Day Social (FSL) 10-13 Painting Class (AL1) 10-15 Bruce Mauro Performs (DR1) 10-18 Dancing with Kay (CH) 10-19 Walmart Outing Memory Care Coordinator Kaylynn Schwab 10-25 Tai Chi (AL2) Director of Social Work Brett Krammer 10-26 Resident Council (AL1) 10-27 October Birthday Party (FSL) 10-29 Halloween Party (DR1) Maintenance Hotline 7211 Activities Office 7235 Director of Nursing 7285 Administrator 7267 Assisted Living 1 7253 Assisted Living 2 7283 Happy Halloween! This year is flying by. I want to thank Susan and the whole Activities department for putting together the best Assisted Living week! Please welcome our new residents: Jane and David Hayes, Margaret Carty(Peg) and Francis DeSordi. Please feel free to dress up for Halloween and enjoy this month's activities. Continue to wash your hands often and wear your masks. Love you all, Jen “Try to be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud.” — Maya Angelou. October 2021 October 2021 Now We’re Cooking Bigfoot’s Big Moment Hats Off October is Cookbook Month, which means it’s time to get into the kitchen and dust off those pots and pans. With an almost infinite number of free recipes available online, cookbooks might seem a thing of the past. Yet while many forms of print media have suffered in the digital age, cookbooks have maintained their popularity and sales are booming. In 1958, a northern California newspaper publ

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