If, you are thrilled by the jump in the price of Tesla stock and become anxious because of the topsy turvy curve of bitcoin. We, Finance Club, BIT Mesra have something incredible for you in-store. Finance club BIT Mesra is back with another event that will hold you captive: Stalk the Stock. It will tentatively be a one-two week event, starting on 28th March, that will judge your financial analysis, stock predicting, and investigation skills. The participants will be judged on their prowess in analysing the most volatile financial instruments on the trading floor: our social media handles. These traders will be judged on their capability and accuracy of predicting the unforeseeable. In the end, the prices of the stocks will be declared and the final score of each participant will be calculated by holistic evaluation based on their precision and their level of engagement during the daily challenges. So come join us in this ride, full of highs and lows, fulfil all your investment cravings, and win prizes worth over 10K.

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