American Embassy Port-au-Prince AMERICAN EMBASSY Port-au-Prince Tabarre 41, Boulevard 15 Octobre REQUEST FOR TRANSPORTATION SERVICES Tender 19HA70/2022 A. Requirements 1. Transportation Services Providers (TSPs) should provide the most favorable rates, valid for the period of August 01, 2022 to July 31, 2023, for the services and ports listed in the spreadsheet below. Use this spreadsheet to enter your quotes, as it will be used in our evaluation. 2. All shipments shall be consigned to an American Embassy or Consulate, and not to an agent, except those shipments bound for the United States or those with explicit written instructions from Embassy Port-au-Prince. 3. Embassy Port-au-Prince will direct TSP via email to pick up shipments at the embassy site. No shipments shall be picked up prior to Embassy Port-au-Prince 's notification. Embassy Port-au-Prince's instructions regarding consolidation into containerloads and issuance of Bills of Lading provided to the TSP shall be strictly adhered to. All booking instructions will be explained in the work order including details on the items to be shipped. 4. For all outbound shipments, Embassy Port-au-Prince needs a "booking confirmation" via EMAIL showing the vessel's name, ETD, ETA, and agreed freight rate and surcharges, as soon as the booking is made with the ocean carrier not to exceed 5 (five) business days. Any extra charges to handle a shipment, (i.e. difference of measurements, special equipment, different routing, etc.) must be approved in advance by Embassy Port-au-Prince. The booking confirmation must show the FM number (freight movement number), as well as the shipment numbers contained in the booking. The TSP must notify Embassy Port-auPrince immediately of any changes to the shipment from the original work order for approval of the modification and reissuance of the work order. 5. The TSP must notify Embassy Port-au-Prince immediately of any delays, changes, or short shipments via email. 6. The TSP is responsible for preparing all export customs documentation from Embassy Port-au-Prince's from origin to destination as per Embassy Port-au-Prince’s work order instructions. Value declarations, if necessary, will be provided by Embassy Port-au-Prince as needed. 7. No shipment may be carried by a flag vessel or transit any ports or be handled in any way by subcontractors of the countries of Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, and/or North Korea. US Flag carriers must be used when available. 8. only. For the destinations in the United States, please quote rates on American Flag carriers American Embassy Port-au-Prince 9. For through bill of lading shipments to landlocked destinations, please quote only those carriers who can provide services for the inland leg. 10. Please indicate on the rate sheet whether the selected carrier offers direct sailings or sailings in transshipment. We will assign priority to direct sailings versus transshipment sailings. The transit time and sailing frequency will also be considered in the final determination of the carrier for a shipping lane. B. Documentation For inbound and outbound shipments, a Telex release or waybill (i.e. Original Bill of Lading released at destination) is preferred over an original bill of lading to allow for electronic transmission of documents. All original documents required by the consignee (waivers, cargo tracking notes, etc.) must be mailed by the TSP using an international courier service (i.e. DHL, Fedex) immediately upon receipt from the ocean carrier or its agent. Embassy Port-au-Prince can provide mailing addresses and points of contact if necessary. All bill of lading documents (express and originals) must be emailed to the following address and format: To: Subject: Bill of lading – FM#xxxxxxxx – Shipment number(s) in the FM# * *Include all shipment numbers if referencing more than one Embassy Port-au-Prince will provide the correct email addresses of the consignees after awarding the lanes. C. Liability The TSP liability for loss, damage, or destruction is as follows: For household effects and government owned supplies: The TSP must offer full replacement* or repair value for damaged or lost items. In cases of a total loss a base value of $8.50 USD per pound of the shipment’s net weight. *Full replacement cost is calculated as the cost of a new item which is identical or materially similar to the original item. The TSP’s maximum liability to the Government shall be $

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