TUITION FEE SPECIAL ARRANGEMENT APPLICATION (For self-funding students only) Tuition fees are payable in full at enrolment at the beginning of each academic year. However, if you are personally responsible for paying your fees and your circumstances prevent you from doing this, please complete this form to apply for a special agreement to pay in two instalments. Please return the completed and signed form electronically to: Finance Office, The Courtauld Institute of Art E-mail: - The deadline for receipt of applications is 31st July 2022 Name of Student: _____________________________________________ In consideration of The Courtauld Institute of Art accepting a deferment of 50% (fifty per cent) of the tuition fee in respect of the above named student I, _______________________________________ (Name of Guarantor) ______________________________________ (E-mail of Guarantor) ______________________________________ (Contact Telephone number of Guarantor) ________________________________________ (Address of Guarantor) I hereby guarantee that in the event of the above named student failing to pay the outstanding fee by 17 February 2023, I will pay the remainder of fees owed on demand. _________________________ Signature of Guarantor ________________ Date _________________________ Relationship to Student We will only contact you, if for any reason your application is rejected . If you are not contacted, please consider your application accepted. Please arrange for payment of the first instalment to reach us before enrolment as funds need to clear into The CIA bank account or Flywire portal for the finance team to confirm payment. PayPal, Cheques or cash payments are not a method of payment The Courtauld accepts. Proof of payment will no longer be accepted as payment received. Please DO NOT complete this form if you will be applying for a Student Loan to pay for your studies. Please do not complete this form if you will be applying for a Student Loan to pay for your studies.


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