Rehabilitation of hidden fire hazards 1. Potential fire hazards that should be corrected on the spot: (1) Entering places where inflammable and explosive dangerous goods are produced or stored in violation of regulations (2) Those who violate the prohibition by illegally using open fire or smoking or using open fire in places where there is a risk of fire or explosion (3) Locking, shielding or occupying or stacking the safe exit will affect the smooth passage of evacuation (4) Fire fighting facilities or fire extinguishing equipment, such as hydrants, are blocked, affecting their use or being diverted for other purposes. (5) The normally closed fire door is in an open state, and the stacking of articles under the fire roll curtain affects its use. (6) Fire control facilities management, duty personnel and fire inspectors are off duty (7) Closing fire fighting facilities, cutting off fire fighting power and other acts that can be corrected on the spot in violation of regulations 2. Potential fire hazards that can not be corrected by time limit: For potential fire hazards that can not be corrected on the spot, the rectification plan should be put forward, the rectification measures, the time limit, the departments and personnel responsible for the rectification should be determined, and the rectification funds should be implemented.Before the hidden danger of fire is eliminated, preventive measures should be implemented to ensure fire safety.If fire safety cannot be guaranteed, fire may be triggered at any time, or if a fire will seriously endanger personal safety, the dangerous parts shall be shut down or reorganized. 3. Major fire hazards: Violation of fire laws and regulations may lead to fire occurrence or increase fire hazards, and all kinds of potential unsafe factors that may cause major fire accidents and serious social impact should be identified as major fire hazards.For major fire hazards that can not be solved by enterprises themselves due to urban planning and layout, solutions should be put forward and reported to their superior authorities or local governments in a timely manner.

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