Richard Rosenfeld September 2021 Curriculum Vitae Curators’ Distinguished Professor Emeritus Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice University of Missouri-St. Louis One University Blvd. St. Louis, MO 63121 (314) 516-6717 Fax: (314) 516-5048 Email: [email protected] Degrees Awarded Ph.D, 1984, Department of Sociology, University of Oregon. B.A., 1972, University of Oregon. Fellowships and Awards Edwin H. Sutherland Award, American Society of Criminology (2017) President, American Society of Criminology (2010) Founders Professor, University of Missouri-St. Louis (Appointed 2014) Curators Distinguished Professor, University of Missouri-St. Louis (2007-2013) Fellow, American Society of Criminology Thomas Jefferson Award, University of Missouri (2016) Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Research, University of Missouri-St. Louis (2006) Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching, University of Missouri-St. Louis (1994) Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Service, University of Missouri-St. Louis (2013) Fulbright Scholar (2016-2021) Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Criminology. School of Urban and Public Affairs, Carnegie Mellon University (1984-85) National Associate, National Research Council, National Academy of Sciences (selected 2011) Areas of Specialization Crime Trends Crime Statistics 2 Crime Control Policy Criminological Theory Publications Books Rosenfeld, Richard, Karen Terry, and Preeti Chauhan, eds. 2020. Understanding New York’s Crime Drop. London and New York: Routledge. Rosenfeld, Richard, and Messner, Steven F. 2013. Crime and the Economy. London, UK: Sage. Rosenfeld, Richard, Mark Edberg, Xiangming Fang, and Curtis S. Florence, eds. 2013. Economics and Youth Violence: Crime, Disadvantage, and Community. New York: NYU Press. Messner, Steven F. and Richard Rosenfeld. 2013. Crime and the American Dream. Fifth Edition. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth. (First edition published in 1994.) Rosenfeld, Richard, Kenna Quinet, and Crystal Garcia, eds. 2012. Contemporary Issues in Criminological Theory and Research: The Role of Social Institutions. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth. Goldberger, Arthur and Richard Rosenfeld, eds. 2008. Understanding Crime Trends. Washington, DC: National Academies Press. National Research Council. Committee on Community Supervision and Desistance from Crime, Joan Petersilia and Richard Rosenfeld, Co-Chairs. 2008. Parole, Desistance From Crime, and Community Integration. Washington, DC: National Academies Press. Rosenfeld, Richard, ed. 2006. Crime and Social Institutions. Hampshire, England: Ashgate. Rosenfeld, Richard, ed. 2006. Hidden Assets: Connecting the Past to the Future of St. Louis. Columbia, MO: University of Missouri Press. Articles 104. Rosenfeld, Richard, Randolph Roth, and Joel Wallman. Forthcoming. “Homicide and the Opioid Epidemic: A Longitudinal Analysis.” Homicide Studies. 103. Lopez, Ernesto, and Richard Rosenfeld. 2021. “Crime, Quarantine, and the U.S. Coronavirus Pandemic.” Criminology & Public Policy ( 102. Rosenfeld, Richard, and Matt Vogel. 2021. "Homicide, Acquisitive Crime, and Inflation: A CityLevel Longitudinal Analysis." Crime & Delinquency ( 101. Baumer, Eric P., Chris Fowler, Steven F. Messner, and Richard Rosenfeld. 2021. “Change in the Spatial Clustering of Poor Neighborhoods within U.S. Counties and Its Impact on Homicide: An Analysis of Metropolitan Counties, 1980-2010.” Sociological Quarterly ( 100. Rosenfeld, Richard, Joel Wallman, and Randolph Roth. 2021. “The Opioid Epidemic and Homicide in the United States.” Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency 58: 545-590. 99. Rosenfeld, Richard. 2020. “Is De-Policing the Cause of the Spike in Urban Violence? Federal Sentencing Reporter 33: 142-143. 98. Rosenfeld, Richard, and Ernesto Lopez. 2020. “Pandemic, Social Unrest, and Crime in US Cities.” Federal Sentencing Reporter 33: 72-82. 97. Rosenfeld, Richard. 2020. “The 1994 Crime Bill: Legacy and Lessons.” Federal Sentencing Reporter 32: 147-152. 96. Slocum, Lee Ann, Beth M. Huebner, Claire Greene, Richard Rosenfeld. Forthcoming. “Enforcement Trends in the City of St. Louis from 2007 – 2017: Exploring Variability in Arrests and Criminal Summonses over Time and Across Communities.” Journal of Community Psychology. 3 95. Slocum, Lee Ann, Claire Greene, Beth M. Huebner, & Richard Rosenfeld. 2019. “Changes in Enforcement of

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