Risk Assessment Form Task: Tree Planting Date analysed: 20/01/2014 Locations of where task done: Yorkshire Dales Who does the task: YDRT Volunteers Personal protective equipment & any safety equipment required to do the task safely: First Aid kit, charged mobile phone, spare clothes, Waders and Life Jackets. Sequence of task steps Break the task down into its basic steps, e.g. what is to be done first what’s done next.....etc, (Try to keep to no more than 15 steps) 1 Park car at suitable location nea r survey site 2 Off-road walking to / from site (may involve walking along public rights of way, across open access land or crossing private land) Analysed by: Daniel Turner Reviewed by: YDRT Trustees Possible hazards & injuries when doing this task Identify hazards & the likely type of injury you could have at each step. Possible hazard Likely injury Traffic Bruises, broken bones Safety tips to do the job safely Uneven ground Cuts, bruises, broken bones Wear sturdy footwear; take extra care when on rough or steep ground; avoid cliffs and steep scree slopes Cattle Bruises, broken bones Assess presence of suckler cows & calves / bulls; keep distance from herd and take an alternative route where possible. Dogs Bites Avoid dogs, especially un-tethered farm dogs Ticks Lyme Disease Be aware of transmission method and symptoms of Lyme Disease; wear appropriate footwear and long trousers; check for ticks on return home and use recommended method to remove any found Shooting activities Gunshot wound Do not go onto land where shooting is taking place Barbed wire, broken glass, splintered wood Cuts and grazes Yorkshire Dales Rivers Trust staff contact landowners in advance to seek permission to survey; stop survey and leave area if feel unsafe or requested to by farmer / gamekeeper; work in pairs and carry mobile phone NOTE: these possible hazards, potential injuries and safety tips also apply to point 4, Willow Spiling Using the previous columns as a guide, decide what actions the person doing the task should do to prevent being injured. Choose parking spot carefully; take extra care exiting vehicle if on a busy road. Avoid climbing fences where possible; take extra care where climbing a fence is unavoidable; be alert for old barbed wire, glass, etc on ground; wear sturdy footwear 3 Tree Planting Slips, Trips and Falls Cuts, bruises, broken bones Inspect site first to highlight inherent hazards & keep tidy thereafter. Ensure tools not in use are stored out of the way. Injury from sharp tools/equipment Cuts, bruises, broken bones Always wear protective gloves which will be provided. Make sure to be aware of your own and others, hands and feet when using hammers. Manual Handling Strain and muscle pulls Often working with heavy equipment and materials, make sure to bend knees when picking equipment up. If objects are heavy make sure to work in pairs or use barrows or other aids. Be aware of uneven ground when walking with equipment. Staking of trees Strain, muscle pulls, Cuts, bruises, broken bones Explain and advice safe use of tools eg. Mell, hammer etc. Care must be taken to avoid blows glancing off/missing the stake and hitting hands or arms. If another person is holding stake they must wear appropriate protective clothing provided. Digging Back strain Minimise digging by individuals, Instruct in and ensure safe and correct digging/lifting techniques used. Monitor the state of the individuals digging and the time for which they have been doing so. Rotate work to avoid injuries Contracting potentially serious diseases from water / mud Weil’s Disease and other water-borne diseases Always wear protective gloves which will be provided. Also make sure to protect cuts and grazes with a waterproof plaster; wash hands (soap & water, wet wipes, antibacterial hand gel) before eating, drinking or smoking; avoid touching mucous membranes with unwashed hands

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